Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cuba and the US get back together again, after 50 years

It has been announced by Obama that their has been a change of foreign policy with regard to relations with Cuba. Following the release of a US prisoner Obama has indicated that the US will establish diplomatic relations with Cuba and lift all sanctions with the island which have been in existence 50 years. The Pope has encouraged this change of heart between Obama and Raul Castro, the President of Cuba.

This is good news for both the US and Cuba. Sanctions do not work even after 50 years. Other nations have long had normal relations with Cuba. The USA would do well to revise other aspects of its foreign policy, such as its sanctions imposed on Russia, and the US/CIA interference in Ukraine politics. Why does the US always have to bully other nations?

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Lima Conflerence concludes on its 12th day; and spends 2 more days wrangling.

The COP20 Conference in Lima is over but some delegates are still working on their "World Treaty" to take to the next meeting in Paris. Talk about delusions of grandeur!! The "World Treaty" is supposed to ensure a carbon-free future for the world and each country must say how it intends to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. These delegates exist in a parallel universe to our one. They are quite mad. Details of their "World Treaty" will be commented upon when available.

The Conference aim was to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases world wide but it self generated over 50,000 tonnes of CO2 as the 12.500 delegates and visitors jetted into and out of Lima. Diesel generators had to be used to generate electricity for the Conference. A two day extension was made to finalize some report yet to be disclosed.

Although many countries have PLEDGED financial support to the Climate Fund, no one has actually signed on the dotted line. Hopefully when the delegates arrive home, the respective parliaments/congresses will negate the idea of sending money to this ratbag UN organization. Even the US Congress has revolted on this matter. In other words, tell the UN's IPCC and the gullible Mr Ban Ki-moon to get lost.
Until then, Merry Xmas to all , Allano

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Australia pledges $200 million to the UN's Climate Fund

At the Lima Climate Change Conference being held this week the pressure has been brought to bare on Australia's lack of interest in the proceedings. Our Prime Minister, Tony Abbott has announced today that Australia would now contribute to the Climate Fund $200 million payable over 4 years. This amount would be deducted from the Foreign Aid budget so as not to increase overall Government expenditure.

This seems to be an excessive amount to stem criticism from the warmists delegates. South Korea, Switzerland and Finland have all pledged $100 million each and New Zealand has got by with pledging only $3 million. Apparently these UN Climate Funds will go to helping third world countries in Africa and Asia to "combat climate change" and assist them to move to a "low carbon economy".

In my opinion this is the last thing they want for moving to future prosperity. A low carbon economy is the quick way to continue poverty, but a good way to sell useless wind turbines and other crackpot renewable energy schemes by developed nations. In fact, the whole organization deserves to be disbanded and the staff redirected into doing something useful to mankind. It seems that their nefarious activity of promoting manmade climate change will continue until the money flow dries up. It is up to us to stop that money flow.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

COP out for COP at Lima... God help us if they ever have any control.

I have just printed out the pledges for the "Climate Change" fund devised by the UN to keep the money flowing to finance their nefarious operations. The USA tops the list at $3 billion, with Japan at $1.5 billion, Britain 1.1 billion, Germany 1 billion, France 1 billion dollars and so on tapering down to $50,000 for Mongolia, and these are PLEDGES not actual reliable cash flows ... ie wishful thinking on the part of the UN's IPCC.

Australia is singled out for abuse/pressure for not contributing, but thankfully we have a mind of our own and refuse to do so, along with the BRIC group of nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China) and many others like Chile, Argentina etc. Australia is standing firm against this by refusing to go along with the eco-religious bunkum promoted by the IPCC, the EU and the Obama led US adminstration.

Monday, November 24, 2014

COP20 doomed to failure, yet again

The United Nations Climate Change Conference only just made it into 2014, being held December 1 - 12, 2014 in Lima , Peru. This expensive annual jaunt of the IPCC and UN personnel led by Ban Ki-moon and Pachuri is doomed to failure like past COPs. Why don't they give up and stay home?

The overarching goal of the conference is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) to limit the global temperature increase to 2 degrees Celsius above current levels. They expect to negotiate an agreement with world leaders and to conclude a global deal on emissions for COP21 in Paris 2015.

The warmists and alarmists still haven't got the message. We can't change the climate. The world is not heating up. Global temperatures have not risen for at 18 years. It would be nice if did warm up a bit for the North Americans this November. I hear Buffalo got about 6 feet of snow recently. However, what I object to is this nonsense about the world having to limit its CO2 emissions to cause no more than 2 degrees rise in temperature. This is a double, or even triple banger nonsense idea.

Firstly, CO2 is a desirable component of the atmosphere and acts as a plant fertilizer boosting growth of the whole biosphere. Currently the level is about 400 ppm but we could easily cope with 1500 ppm for better crop growth. Secondly, there is no evidence that there is a direct link between CO2 levels and global temperature. More likely we will move to an overdue Ice Age this century whatever the CO2 level. Thirdly, the push to limit CO2 levels would be disastrous to national economies and provides the opportunity of the UN to follow their Agenda 21 of world domination. This of course will not happen. Too many powerful countries, like the BRIC group of nations will tell the UN, EU and Obama to get lost. Have a happy time in Lima, Peru! I hope the weather will be better than normal.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Green Climate Fund ignored by Australia

The Green Climate Fund recently announced by the UN's IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) now has pledges of over $9 billion, including $3 billion announced by Obama for the US, and Japan pledges $1.5 billion. However, PM Tony Abbott has wisely decided not to follow suite with an Australian contribution. He is not alone. The BRIC group of nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China) have also ignored the idea.

The official reason is that the Coalition Government is already doing its bit to curb greenhouse gases by instrumenting its Direct Action policy which has recently passed the Senate, and in these restrictive financial times it would be foolish to make more climate change expenditures when there other things to attend to.

In my opinion, the reasoning put forward by the UN's IPCC for the raising of funds to combat "climate change" is a fallacious one, and the world would be better off if they ceased pushing the "global warming" bandwagon.

The UN insists the world must become carbon neutral by mid or late century if the average rise in global temperature is to be kept within the 2 degree threshold limit predicted by scientists to cause catastrophic environmental results.( ) We must curb the rise in greenhouse gases so please send your money to our fund on climate change and we will spend it for you, firstly to pay all our bloated UN salaries and finance our fancy 2015 Conferences in Paris and Lima.

The IPCC have got it wrong. CO2 is not an atmospheric pollutant. It is a welcome gas to our atmosphere because it is used by plants, crops and trees to grow. The whole biosphere depends on having an atmosphere rich in CO2 gas. What we don't want is an atmosphere loaded with particulate pollutants and sulphur dioxide etc which can be controlled if you know the chemistry involved. But the IPCC avoids the scientific approach to the problem because its prime purpose is self-enrichment and power to boss countries around, eventually leading to world government run by them! I say POX on the IPCC. It's not going to happen.

Monday, November 17, 2014

NO MORE wind farms wanted in South Australia ... wind industry get lost.

Tim Flannery, CEO of the Climate Council, has another sqauwk about how wonderful renewable energy is (NOT). He says that South Australia is leading the way with renewable energy but Vic and NSW are going backwards due to restrictive wind farm regulations. This he explains on a constant favorable policy of the SA Labor Premiers Rann and Weatherill for wind farms and solar panels.

It also explains why South Australia has the highest cost of electricity, the latest domestic price being 32 cents per kWhr which is the same as in Germany and twice that in Canada and the USA.

We don't want any more parasitic useless wind farms in South Australia. Nor do we want the Climate Council spreading eco-religious bunkum about renewable energy. Flannery has done enough damage to the Australian economy by promoting unwanted desal plants costing billions and wasting shareholder money on bizarre deep geothermal bores. Flannery is a chalatan at best and his advice must be rejected.

Friday, November 14, 2014

China offers OBAMA'S America a Climate Change mouse trap set with inviting cheese..

This is very clever of the Chinese and President Xi Jinping to offer to sign up to a deal on reduction of greenhouse gases which will be disastrous for US industry, but have no effect on Chinese development (or global temperatures). Obama today makes a late stage arrival at the G20 Conference in Brisbane, Australia. With much fan-fare Obama reiterates his promise that the US, as a "big polluter", will reduce its emissions by 25 to 28% from 2008 levels. Also Obama promises a $2.5 billion to poor countries to fight "Climate Change". Very impressive, but it is all bunkum. I doubt that the GOP controlled US Congress and Senate will allow any such move by Obama.

The US Democrats and the Australian Labor and Greens use climate change alarmism to scare the populace into voting for them. They know next to nothing about climate change or geological history of the earth but cherry pick what they do know for political purposes. Oh, they say, we must STOP climate change. We must have a climate change policy. That of course is all bunkum. Climate change has been going on ever since the earth was created and will do so until the planet is a dead one like Mars. Let's be thankful we live on such a wonderful and dynamic planet.

Of course we must tackle air pollution where it exists today such as in many Chinese cities. The warmists wrongly and deliberately confuse this with greenhouse gas emissions and therefore give reason to move one's economy to a "carbon neutral" one, which is a nonsense. Carbon dioxide is NOT a pollutant but an essential plant nutrient that we could have more of. What we don't want is smog producing particulate matter and sulfur dioxide fumes all of which can be captured in modern power stations. The smog problem was almost eliminated in London ages ago with the introduction of the Clean Air Act, whereby the domestic (uncontrolled) burning of coal for heating was banned. The controlled burning of coal in power stations largely overcame the smog problem.

So beware of Presidents of countries (eg USA), and the World Bank, or IMF or EU, or UN who use "Warmist terminology", and who spout forth nonsense propaganda about carbon pollution and climate change. Invariably they want your money, and support, but you'd be wise to tell them to get lost, for you can tell truth from fiction. Say NO to their political lies and humbug.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Australia needs a NEW ENERGY POLICY based on scientific logic, not eco-religious bunkum.

The Coalition Federal Government is stymied by lack of support in the Senate to develop our energy resources in a scientific and logical way that would benefit all Australia. The Coalition would firstly love to get rid of the RET (Renewable Energy Target) legislation which mandates that 20% of all energy comes from renewable resources by year 2020, which amounts to ca 41 gigaWhrs. A compromise figure of 5% renewables is preferred as energy consumption is less than predicted for the future. Also, the scrapping of the Climate Change Authority has been thwarted by the Senate at least until the next election.

The opposition to a new energy policy is a religious one, full of bullshit terminology, alarmism and threats if we don't conform to their way of thinking, which is rather similar to ISIL in the Middle East, but without the chopping off of heads. We hear of clean fuel, of carbon pollution, global warming, climate change, sea level rising, acidic oceans, Great Barrier Reef extinctions, carbon footprints, greenhouse gas emissions and renewable energy targets, the big polluters, carbon sequestration and so on, in a never ending diatribe of imaginary catastrophies dreamed up by the warmists and the ECO-GREEN movement to frighten hell out of the general populace.

The sky is not going to fall in if we systematically get rid of all this legislative bunkum, but it WILL get rid of some undesirable industrial rent seekers and promoters of wind farms and solar plants, and other bizarre activities like ocean wave plants and deep geothermal bores. Renewables (excepting hydroelectricity) are a great waste of money and should be left to fund themselves, not funded by Government.

The present energy planners must be replaced by a new breed of engineers installed to develop our COAL, GAS, OIL and URANIUM resources, at the same time as dismantling all the useless wind turbines and selling them off for scrap metal. Our brown coal power stations need to be modernized and expanded, and black coal exported for power and steel production. South Australia could use some black coal for this purpose. We must develop nuclear power, perhaps specializing in small reactors to power outback mining regions (and submarines?). Industry demands cheap power. In Adelaide SA domestic power is now at 32 cents/kWhr which is TWICE the price of power in the US and Canada. Let's get rid of these bureaucratic eco-religious morons that are preventing Australia from having a prosperous future.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

C NEWS: More Wind Farms (unwanted) in South Australia

South Australia ELECTRICITY:

How come we need a 137 turbine wind farm at Snowtown, in the mid north of South Australia? What an eye sore the turbines will be to the landscape. How dare they be allowed to put their dribble of expensive electricity into the national grid.

Premier Weatherill must stop this madness of promoting wind energy no matter at what cost to the consumer. What a fire hazard the turbines are and with the fire season just starting and 40 degree weather!

POX on all wind farms = WIND SCAMS.

Siemens go home. Good riddance to you.

Friday, October 31, 2014

C NEWS: New China Bank invite gets cool reply in Canberra

Business has backed PM Tony Abbott's decision to turn down China's invitation to join a $50 billion regional bank, or BRICS BANK. Treasurer Joe Hockey was for Australia joining but was out manouvered in Cabinet on this matter. It seems a strange decision to make when we are still negotiating a free trade agreement with China?

Australia needs to make it easier for China to invest in our infrastructure and mining developments so as to ensure the continuity of our exports to them. Other nations such as Brazil, and in Africa, will soon take up the slack if we do not go down this path. Diversification of our financial resources must be a good thing, rather than be continually associated with the IMF and UN's World Bank which are dominated by the US and used to promote bizarre climate change propaganda.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

C News: Two wrongs don't make a right..with action on climate change.. or the art of compromise.

The Federal Coalition is pleased to get its Direct Action policy on Climate Change passed thru the Senate yesterday with the help of Clive Palmer's PUP amendments to it. Clive had previously maintained that Direct Action was a waste of money, ditto the Labor and Greens Parties. I too think that this is the case. However, the problem is broader and more complex than first seems.

Palmer has insisted with his amendments that the Coalition maintains in existence the Climate Change Authority headed by Bernie Fraser, and this is to research a report on Emission Trading Schemes operational in all countries of the world. The Coalition initially wanted to scrap the CC Authority (and still does) but it has negotiated this deal with Palmer. i.e. Pass our Direct Action scheme and we will maintain the CC Authority until the next election

In my opinion, these are the two wrongs on climate change legislation. Ideally, we don't need either.

I say ideally, because the Coalition has to have an understandable Climate Change policy to counter that of the Labor and Greens. At least Direct Action plan, earmarked at 2 1/2 billion, is flexible in scope and dollar amount. In the future, once the populace has realized that the sky hasn't fallen in, and global temperatures have not risen, then Direct Action can be phased out and money channeled to more deserving activities. Ditto the Climate Change Authority which is an icon organization coveted by the Greens and warmists to promote propaganda we don't need.

In conclusion, the way ahead on climate change legislation is not ideal, but it is better than what it was. Further advances rely on education of the populace that the world is not coming to an end, and that emissions of CO2 are a good thing for the biosphere. The idea promoted by the UN and EU that we must move to a low carbon economy by reducing our emissions of CO2 is bunkum and unsupported by scientific evidence.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

C NEWS: and we don't want Direct Action either.

Coalition Federal politicians announce that their Direct Action plan to combat climate change will be introduced before the end of the year. The Coalition has been successful in removing Labor's ridiculous Carbon Tax and now bemoan the fact that they do not have a "climate change" policy in force!!! Oh dear! Will we ever get politicians who think for themselves and are real leaders of the free world, instead of ones that grovel to support the eco-religious bunkum of the left?

The Direct Action scheme was devised to counter Labor's Carbon Tax and show that this was a better alternative way of reducing greenhouse emissions (or CO2) and so save the world from global warming. Essentially the scheme promotes planting trees in order to fix the unwanted emissions of human induced CO2 from burning carbon fuels. It is true that this is better than having a disastrous Carbon Tax, but all it does is preserve the confused thinking of the left about climate change.

Firstly, if you want to absorb excess atmospheric CO2 why not plant crops, or something we can eat, instead of trees? Farmers are quite capable of planting trees without Federal Government help.

We are NOT going to alter "climate change" by Government Policy. Climate has ALWAYS changed, is changing NOW, and for ever will be changing until the Earth ends up a dead planet like Mars. Let's be thankful we live on a dynamic planet and so realize that "climate change" is a GOOD THING and is to be cherished. Politicians should get lost on this matter, or else improve their minds by studying Geology 101.

Fortunately climate change alarmism is on the wan. It is a cult promoted by the Labor and Greens to hoodwink the public into voting for them. Civilizations in the past have had to cope with climate change. The Egyptians, Mayans and Incas spring to mind. About 1450 AD, after experiencing years of drought in what is now Peru, the Incas devised a policy of sacrificing virgin maidens on the summits of high Andean volcanoes, to appease the Rain God.

If you go to Arequipa, Peru, in a museum you will find the "Ice Maiden" named "Juanita" preserved in a refrigerated display case. She was recovered from the summit of Volcan Ampato (6309 metres) by mountaineers in 1995. Since then two other ice mummies have been found on tops of Andean volcanoes. Perhaps we could offer Mt Kosciusko to Labor and the Greens to fine-tune their climate change policy?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

C NEWS: STOP pussy-footing around with the RET

The RET (Renewable Energy Target) must be abolished. It is based on eco-religious bunkum devised by the warmists of the Labor and Greens Parties, and reluctantly supported by some Liberals with shaky seats to uphold. We have far too many useless wind farms as it is in SA which only increases the domestic cost of electricity. In South Australia, (unfortunately the Wind farm capital of Australia) run by an equally useless Labor Government, the current price of electricity is 32 cents/kWhr !!!! which is over twice the average cost in the USA, and is comparable to Germany. This is because it seems any dodgy wind farm promoter can get the go-ahead to build monstrous towers on our landscape and feed the dribble of electricity into the national grid, whether we or anybody wants it or not. Pox on them , I say. Go and use your feeble supply of electricity to boil your kettle if that's possible..

We do NOT need to move our economy to a low carbon one. This is a nonsense idea promoted by the EU, UN, also Obama's US. God forbid it! Use of carbon in the form of coal, gas and petroleum for energy production is why we now now have a very prosperous world. The emissions of CO2 have benefited the biosphere considerably and our crop yields are continually rising. CO2 is NOT a pollutent!! GET RID OF THE RET and all its associated legislation. It is bunkum.

Monday, October 13, 2014

C NEWS: Who can afford ELECTRICITY today???

ELECTRICITY PRICE: Ive just opened my electricity bill from Origin Energy, South Australia. For the winter quarter I expected it to be high but not that high, a $100 more than normal. The domestic price ranges from 31.7 to mostly at 33.8 cents/kWh !!!! which is exorbitant. This is as high as in Germany and almost double the average price in the USA.

It is high time in South Australia we got rid of all the useless wind farms and associated pollies and councillors who think they are "saving the planet" by promoting so called "renewable energy". Pox on them. What is the Liberal Party doing about it? They seem as devious as the Labor Party. We need an Aussie UKIP in SA, I think. Cheers, from Allano

Sunday, July 6, 2014

C NEWS: "9th Las Vegas Conference For NIPCC"

The Non-Governmental International Panel on Climate Change is having its 9th Annual Conference in Las Vega now, 7th to 9th of July, 2014. Details of the speakers and topics discussed can be obtained from the website of the Institute at Heartland Institute

Monday, June 2, 2014

C NEWS: America is doomed by the EPA

The latest move of the Obama administration, allowing a further idiotic rampage of the EPA, to crack down on coal-fired power stations and reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions 30% by 2030, compared to 2005 levels, in order to stop "climate change", exposes the Obama fantasy world. Obama has ensured the downfall of America just through limiting/decreasing its energy supply, without even considering other threats to the economy and social cohesion coming from the uncritical embrace of Islam.

Obama says ""There are no national limits to the amount of carbon pollution that existing plants can pump into the air we breathe. None," Obama said Saturday in his weekly radio and Internet address. "We limit the amount of toxic chemicals like mercury, sulfur, and arsenic that power plants put in our air and water. But they can dump unlimited amounts of carbon pollution into the air. It's not smart, it's not safe, and it doesn't make sense."

Of course, CO2 is NOT carbon pollution, but an essential trace element of the atmosphere required for the well being and growth of all plant life. Obama needs to study and pass a course in Chemistry 101. We have had enough of this climate change bunkum from President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

Other powerful economies, including Japan, China, Russia, India and Brazil need only to do NOTHING but watch the continual decline of America in world influence, unless of course it wakes up to itself and sorts out the EPA. You would think that with America, being the great promoter of free speech, that Obama's eco-religious bunkum would be short-lived. Let's hope so.

Friday, March 28, 2014

C NEWS: The Earth Hour Nonsense is Here Again

Today we are urged to turn off our lights for an hour, from 8.30 to 9.30 pm, as a symbol of saving the earth from Climate Change and hence saving the Great Barrier Reef from destruction due to rising sea temperatures. This alarmist propaganda comes from the WWF via a wet-behind-the ears young girl on ABC Radio News this morning. Apparently the Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge will be without lights for this period.

Possibly the few people who support the Greens will do this. None of my friends will be doing it. More likely they will celebrate Human Achievement Hour and turn on as many lights as possible. How silly it is to think that man can control climate! You might as well stand at the beach and wish that the tide not come in!

Friday, February 28, 2014

C NEWS: The Carbon Tax is destroying Qantas and Australian industries

"The best assistance the Government and the Opposition can provide is the removal of the Carbon Tax which has cost this industry (airlines) hundreds of millions of dollars." says Virgin Australia's CEO John Borghetti.

That's Virgin Australia's boss talking about the destructive effect of the Carbon Tax on businesses. Qantas's half yearly loss of $235 million is about half due to the Carbon Tax.

Yet we have some foolish CEOs like BHP's Andrew MacKenzie and Chairman Jac Nasser, supporting the global pricing of carbon!!! As a former geologist MacKenzie should know better but being a Scotsman there is probably no hope for him. This has put me off owning BHP shares until there is a change of management and common sense at board level prevails. Also it does no help matters having Christine Lagarde, MD of the IMF, promoting the climate change hoax but then she is an economist with little understanding of geology. She is forgiven.

Australia, like our icon airline Qantas, will continue to go down hill economically until the Carbon Tax has been eliminated, together with all the Renewable Energy Target (RET)legislation which like a spider web entangles all our businesses unnecessarily. When this is done we can look forward to a prosperous future.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Where to South Australia? We have to wait for the Fed's New Energy Policy

South Australia has its State Election next month, on the 15th March. We have had 12 years of Labor Government mismanagement with Premiers Mike Rann and now Jay Weatherill. Its high time we had a Liberal Government and so followed new policies to achieve a more prosperous future for all, and not just trade unionists.

Little has been said in electioneering about how this new prosperity can be delivered. We are still reeling from the announcement that General Motors Holden will be gone by 2017 and there will be no more car manufacturing in the State. Earlier BHP decided not to expand the uranium mine at Roxby Downs, to make it the world's largest, due to low metal prices and their predicted future world financial situation. There are now more businesses closing down and shedding workers than there are, if any, starting up. So it's batten down the hatches and hope for the best.

There is little a new Liberal Government can do about the energy situation (except STOP any more wind farms) Our domestic electricity price (31 cents/kWhr) is more that double that of the USA and Canada and exceeded only by Germany and Denmark. This is a ridiculous situation and represents more than a 100% price increase in a decade, mainly due to former Premier Mike Rann's promotion of South Australia as leading the way with renewable energy (wind and solar), thereby preventing the world from cataclysmic global warming. The State Government and councils are still lumbered with this eco-religious nonsense which is not even mentioned in the lead up to the state election. The Liberal pollies are too scared to do so and possibly loose votes, and the Labor pollies wont mention it because they don't realize how stupid they have been to swallow all the warmist bunkum.

In July when Australia gets the new Federal Senate, which is more favorable to the Coalition, it should be possible to rescind Labor's Carbon Tax bill and so remove one lot of chains that are holding back development and investment in industry, agriculture and tourism. Next the Renewable Energy Target (RET) legislation will have to go (now under review) since it is based on the bunkum that atmospheric CO2 is a pollutant, which it definitely is NOT. So by the end of this year 2014, the economy will be moving ahead in the right direction and the new Liberal Government of South Australia with Steven Marshall as Premier, will be able enact new policies, including a new Energy Policy, that will see sensible development of our coal, gas and uranium resources, and the down grading of useless wind farms and pie-in-the-sky large solar and geothermal plants. A NEW DIRECTION TO PROSPERITY IS NEEDED.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

More heat wave conditions in Adelaide, South Australia

It's nice having fine cloudless days with blue sky but I wish it wasn't so hot. Yesterday, Thursday, reached 37 C degrees and the Met predicts daily maxima of 40, 42 and 43 degrees which takes us to Saturday, then there is a cool snap of 35 C on Monday coming. Incoming airplane passengers to Adelaide are given special notices on how to cope with the heat, which is sensible.

What is kept under wraps is the uselessness of wind farms to produce electricity during a heat wave, since calm conditions prevail just when we need that extra boost of electricity to meet an abnormal continuous peak demand. The powers that be keep VERY QUIET about their stupid decisions to promote wind farms which are just a SCAM. Also the turbines are a fire hazard and are prone to bursting into flames during these periods of intense heat. In Europe and North America wind farms are useless in times of intense cold when covered in snow and ice. This is why our electricity bills are so high. Let's get rid of wind farms altogether!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hot again today in South Australia ... that's our typical climate.

Australia Day at Adelaide, South Australia, by the beach at Brighton/Hove (like the UK) at 5pm outdoors it's 35 C (max predicted 38 C), humidity 10 %, clear blue sky and calm conditions. Inside my flat it's has been 25 to now 29 C (no air conditioning). Just reporting in.

Once again the calm conditions means only a dribble of electricity from the many wind farms (26+) in South Australia to (not) cope with the long peak demand for electricity driving air conditioners (ca 75% of houses). However, there is more than a dribble of Government cash flow to wind farm owners and renters of land upon which they are constructed, irrespective of whether the little power generated comes or not when you most want it.

This sorry predicament and scam we can blame on the past Labor Government, in particular ex-Premier Mike Rann who was a Greenpeace member and enthusiast of wind and solar power. Because of this our domestic power price is a very high 31 cents per kWhr when it could be half that if the State had relied only coal and gas fueled power plants.

It's not too late change track and get rid of the wind farms. This March 15th State Election is the opportunity for the Liberals (Oz) to toss out the present Labor Government of Jay Weatherall and to implement a NEW ENERGY POLICY designed to give us cheaper electricity domestically and for industry. Happy New Year from Allano.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Heat Wave Conditions Show Uselessness of Wind Farms

This week the southern part of Australia is subject to an intense heat wave with 5 consecutive days predicted to be 40 C starting yesterday (Monday). Temperature in Adelaide yesterday reached 42 C and is predicted to be the same today Tuesday, with Melbourne at 43 degrees, and with night minimums around 25 to 29 C. Wow!

These high temperatures create a continuous high peak demand for electricity to run air conditioners so that people can keep cool night and day, BUT poke your nose outdoors and you will find CALM conditions. Not a breath of wind to drive the wind turbines, which are quite useless under heat wave conditions.

The conclusion is that wind farms exist purely for the benefit of the wind farm owners and land renters while the proletariat and industry have to put up with an exorbitant electricity price of 31 cents per kWhr. The Coalition has on election day, 15th of March, the opportunity to win the South Australian State election and DO SOMETHING about stopping the promotion of wind farms = wind SCAMS.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

South Australia 15th March 2014 State Election is the opportunity to change direction and achieve a prosperous future

SA must have plans to achieve LOWER prices for electricity, water, gas and hydrocarbon fuels if it is to have a viable and prosperous future. Are the SA Liberals capable of doing this? (Oz Liberals not US). I am not sure, which is why I write this blog to nudge them in the right direction.

For a decade or more the State has suffered from the application of the renewable energy nonsense of former Premier Mike Rann. South Australia unfortunately is now leading the country in renewable energy (wind and solar), also promoted by the Greens, which is why the State, like Tasmania, is economically stuffed and cost of electricity is so high (31 cents per kWhr in Adelaide). This political direction of demonizing carbon and imposing legislation limiting "greenhouse gas emissions" promoted by Labor and Greens must STOP and be replaced by a scientifically sensible ENERGY POLICY, devised without Green bunkum. (Ditto water policies)

The Federal change of repealing the Carbon Tax and Mining Tax later this year will be a welcome great step forwards. State wise it is essential to STOP giving permits for construction of wind farms which are just a SCAM. Liberals take notice: NO MORE WIND FARMS PERIOD. Also, subsidies to existing wind farms must be phased out over 5 years and plans made for their demolition, removal, and landscape restored to its former attractiveness.

Plans for subsidizing any large scale solar plants (eg Port Pirie) should be scrapped as being expensive and un-necessary. Existing coal-fired plants can be expanded and modernized with expansion and development of the States coal resources. The possibility of importing coal from the Eastern States needs to be studied. This is just the beginning ... watch this space. Cheers Allano

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Nature takes no notice of the "ship of fools" trapped in the sea ice of Antarctica

A week has gone by and the ship of fools carrying warmist scientists and their followers are still trapped in the sea ice of Antarctica. The 1.5 million dollar expedition was to commemorate the "Spirit of Mawson" the Australian explorer to the region 100 years ago. The scientific data gathered was to compare the changes over 100 years and show how the ice of Antarctica is melting away due to global warming!

The sad thing is their ship is trapped in the sea ice and the weather is so bad that attempts at rescue have failed. I predict that eventually they will all be rescued by helicopter and the ship be abandoned, to eventually sink, as did happen with a similar cruise in 2007, with MV Explorar to commemorate the "Spirit of Shackleton".

The moral to the story is it is best to give Professors of Climate Change (Leader of expedition) a wide berth and believe the opposite of what they say, which on average will be nearer the truth of the matter.

In Australia we have many academics of warmist belief who have advised mainly Labor Governments with dud predictions on climate change which have cost us billions in unnecessary expenses, of un-need desalination plants instead of more dams, of countless useless wind farms instead of further developing our extensive coal resources to fuel power stations.

Yesterday's Australian newspaper records that Prof Tim Flannery, a notoriously dud climate change campaigner, says "the Coalition Government is not serious about taking action on climate change and the need to take steps to reduce carbon pollution." He is quite right of course. Also he uses the crap jargon of the warmist and is the cause of State and Federal Governments wasting billions of tax payer's money on dud infrastructure.

Happy New Year to all from Allano