Saturday, December 13, 2014

Lima Conflerence concludes on its 12th day; and spends 2 more days wrangling.

The COP20 Conference in Lima is over but some delegates are still working on their "World Treaty" to take to the next meeting in Paris. Talk about delusions of grandeur!! The "World Treaty" is supposed to ensure a carbon-free future for the world and each country must say how it intends to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. These delegates exist in a parallel universe to our one. They are quite mad. Details of their "World Treaty" will be commented upon when available.

The Conference aim was to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases world wide but it self generated over 50,000 tonnes of CO2 as the 12.500 delegates and visitors jetted into and out of Lima. Diesel generators had to be used to generate electricity for the Conference. A two day extension was made to finalize some report yet to be disclosed.

Although many countries have PLEDGED financial support to the Climate Fund, no one has actually signed on the dotted line. Hopefully when the delegates arrive home, the respective parliaments/congresses will negate the idea of sending money to this ratbag UN organization. Even the US Congress has revolted on this matter. In other words, tell the UN's IPCC and the gullible Mr Ban Ki-moon to get lost.
Until then, Merry Xmas to all , Allano

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