Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hot again today in South Australia ... that's our typical climate.

Australia Day at Adelaide, South Australia, by the beach at Brighton/Hove (like the UK) at 5pm outdoors it's 35 C (max predicted 38 C), humidity 10 %, clear blue sky and calm conditions. Inside my flat it's has been 25 to now 29 C (no air conditioning). Just reporting in.

Once again the calm conditions means only a dribble of electricity from the many wind farms (26+) in South Australia to (not) cope with the long peak demand for electricity driving air conditioners (ca 75% of houses). However, there is more than a dribble of Government cash flow to wind farm owners and renters of land upon which they are constructed, irrespective of whether the little power generated comes or not when you most want it.

This sorry predicament and scam we can blame on the past Labor Government, in particular ex-Premier Mike Rann who was a Greenpeace member and enthusiast of wind and solar power. Because of this our domestic power price is a very high 31 cents per kWhr when it could be half that if the State had relied only coal and gas fueled power plants.

It's not too late change track and get rid of the wind farms. This March 15th State Election is the opportunity for the Liberals (Oz) to toss out the present Labor Government of Jay Weatherall and to implement a NEW ENERGY POLICY designed to give us cheaper electricity domestically and for industry. Happy New Year from Allano.

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