Friday, February 28, 2014

C NEWS: The Carbon Tax is destroying Qantas and Australian industries

"The best assistance the Government and the Opposition can provide is the removal of the Carbon Tax which has cost this industry (airlines) hundreds of millions of dollars." says Virgin Australia's CEO John Borghetti.

That's Virgin Australia's boss talking about the destructive effect of the Carbon Tax on businesses. Qantas's half yearly loss of $235 million is about half due to the Carbon Tax.

Yet we have some foolish CEOs like BHP's Andrew MacKenzie and Chairman Jac Nasser, supporting the global pricing of carbon!!! As a former geologist MacKenzie should know better but being a Scotsman there is probably no hope for him. This has put me off owning BHP shares until there is a change of management and common sense at board level prevails. Also it does no help matters having Christine Lagarde, MD of the IMF, promoting the climate change hoax but then she is an economist with little understanding of geology. She is forgiven.

Australia, like our icon airline Qantas, will continue to go down hill economically until the Carbon Tax has been eliminated, together with all the Renewable Energy Target (RET)legislation which like a spider web entangles all our businesses unnecessarily. When this is done we can look forward to a prosperous future.

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