Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Nature takes no notice of the "ship of fools" trapped in the sea ice of Antarctica

A week has gone by and the ship of fools carrying warmist scientists and their followers are still trapped in the sea ice of Antarctica. The 1.5 million dollar expedition was to commemorate the "Spirit of Mawson" the Australian explorer to the region 100 years ago. The scientific data gathered was to compare the changes over 100 years and show how the ice of Antarctica is melting away due to global warming!

The sad thing is their ship is trapped in the sea ice and the weather is so bad that attempts at rescue have failed. I predict that eventually they will all be rescued by helicopter and the ship be abandoned, to eventually sink, as did happen with a similar cruise in 2007, with MV Explorar to commemorate the "Spirit of Shackleton".

The moral to the story is it is best to give Professors of Climate Change (Leader of expedition) a wide berth and believe the opposite of what they say, which on average will be nearer the truth of the matter.

In Australia we have many academics of warmist belief who have advised mainly Labor Governments with dud predictions on climate change which have cost us billions in unnecessary expenses, of un-need desalination plants instead of more dams, of countless useless wind farms instead of further developing our extensive coal resources to fuel power stations.

Yesterday's Australian newspaper records that Prof Tim Flannery, a notoriously dud climate change campaigner, says "the Coalition Government is not serious about taking action on climate change and the need to take steps to reduce carbon pollution." He is quite right of course. Also he uses the crap jargon of the warmist and is the cause of State and Federal Governments wasting billions of tax payer's money on dud infrastructure.

Happy New Year to all from Allano