Tuesday, April 21, 2015

"Watch out for the Snake".... the Climate Change Authority rears its ugly head again.

The image of "a brave snake saving a fish from drowning" epitomizes the Climate Change Authority with today's announcement of the ABC media "News?" of our supposed need to reduce Greenhouse gas emissions to ridiculously low levels to appease the UN God at the Paris December CC Conference. WATCH THAT SNAKE left to us by Gillard and unwanted by Tony Abbott.

The so called "Climate Change Authority" is composed of our most rabid warmist snakes. It is chaired by Bernie Frazer and has Clive Hamilton, David Karoly, John Quiggin and Ian Chubb in its midst. They all come from another planet and promote the destruction of the Australian economy. POX on them all, and the ABC radio and television that spreads their climate change bull shit propaganda. We need MORE atmospheric CO2, not less.