Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Australia pledges $200 million to the UN's Climate Fund

At the Lima Climate Change Conference being held this week the pressure has been brought to bare on Australia's lack of interest in the proceedings. Our Prime Minister, Tony Abbott has announced today that Australia would now contribute to the Climate Fund $200 million payable over 4 years. This amount would be deducted from the Foreign Aid budget so as not to increase overall Government expenditure.

This seems to be an excessive amount to stem criticism from the warmists delegates. South Korea, Switzerland and Finland have all pledged $100 million each and New Zealand has got by with pledging only $3 million. Apparently these UN Climate Funds will go to helping third world countries in Africa and Asia to "combat climate change" and assist them to move to a "low carbon economy".

In my opinion this is the last thing they want for moving to future prosperity. A low carbon economy is the quick way to continue poverty, but a good way to sell useless wind turbines and other crackpot renewable energy schemes by developed nations. In fact, the whole organization deserves to be disbanded and the staff redirected into doing something useful to mankind. It seems that their nefarious activity of promoting manmade climate change will continue until the money flow dries up. It is up to us to stop that money flow.

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