Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Australia needs a NEW ENERGY POLICY based on scientific logic, not eco-religious bunkum.

The Coalition Federal Government is stymied by lack of support in the Senate to develop our energy resources in a scientific and logical way that would benefit all Australia. The Coalition would firstly love to get rid of the RET (Renewable Energy Target) legislation which mandates that 20% of all energy comes from renewable resources by year 2020, which amounts to ca 41 gigaWhrs. A compromise figure of 5% renewables is preferred as energy consumption is less than predicted for the future. Also, the scrapping of the Climate Change Authority has been thwarted by the Senate at least until the next election.

The opposition to a new energy policy is a religious one, full of bullshit terminology, alarmism and threats if we don't conform to their way of thinking, which is rather similar to ISIL in the Middle East, but without the chopping off of heads. We hear of clean fuel, of carbon pollution, global warming, climate change, sea level rising, acidic oceans, Great Barrier Reef extinctions, carbon footprints, greenhouse gas emissions and renewable energy targets, the big polluters, carbon sequestration and so on, in a never ending diatribe of imaginary catastrophies dreamed up by the warmists and the ECO-GREEN movement to frighten hell out of the general populace.

The sky is not going to fall in if we systematically get rid of all this legislative bunkum, but it WILL get rid of some undesirable industrial rent seekers and promoters of wind farms and solar plants, and other bizarre activities like ocean wave plants and deep geothermal bores. Renewables (excepting hydroelectricity) are a great waste of money and should be left to fund themselves, not funded by Government.

The present energy planners must be replaced by a new breed of engineers installed to develop our COAL, GAS, OIL and URANIUM resources, at the same time as dismantling all the useless wind turbines and selling them off for scrap metal. Our brown coal power stations need to be modernized and expanded, and black coal exported for power and steel production. South Australia could use some black coal for this purpose. We must develop nuclear power, perhaps specializing in small reactors to power outback mining regions (and submarines?). Industry demands cheap power. In Adelaide SA domestic power is now at 32 cents/kWhr which is TWICE the price of power in the US and Canada. Let's get rid of these bureaucratic eco-religious morons that are preventing Australia from having a prosperous future.

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