Monday, November 24, 2014

COP20 doomed to failure, yet again

The United Nations Climate Change Conference only just made it into 2014, being held December 1 - 12, 2014 in Lima , Peru. This expensive annual jaunt of the IPCC and UN personnel led by Ban Ki-moon and Pachuri is doomed to failure like past COPs. Why don't they give up and stay home?

The overarching goal of the conference is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) to limit the global temperature increase to 2 degrees Celsius above current levels. They expect to negotiate an agreement with world leaders and to conclude a global deal on emissions for COP21 in Paris 2015.

The warmists and alarmists still haven't got the message. We can't change the climate. The world is not heating up. Global temperatures have not risen for at 18 years. It would be nice if did warm up a bit for the North Americans this November. I hear Buffalo got about 6 feet of snow recently. However, what I object to is this nonsense about the world having to limit its CO2 emissions to cause no more than 2 degrees rise in temperature. This is a double, or even triple banger nonsense idea.

Firstly, CO2 is a desirable component of the atmosphere and acts as a plant fertilizer boosting growth of the whole biosphere. Currently the level is about 400 ppm but we could easily cope with 1500 ppm for better crop growth. Secondly, there is no evidence that there is a direct link between CO2 levels and global temperature. More likely we will move to an overdue Ice Age this century whatever the CO2 level. Thirdly, the push to limit CO2 levels would be disastrous to national economies and provides the opportunity of the UN to follow their Agenda 21 of world domination. This of course will not happen. Too many powerful countries, like the BRIC group of nations will tell the UN, EU and Obama to get lost. Have a happy time in Lima, Peru! I hope the weather will be better than normal.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Green Climate Fund ignored by Australia

The Green Climate Fund recently announced by the UN's IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) now has pledges of over $9 billion, including $3 billion announced by Obama for the US, and Japan pledges $1.5 billion. However, PM Tony Abbott has wisely decided not to follow suite with an Australian contribution. He is not alone. The BRIC group of nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China) have also ignored the idea.

The official reason is that the Coalition Government is already doing its bit to curb greenhouse gases by instrumenting its Direct Action policy which has recently passed the Senate, and in these restrictive financial times it would be foolish to make more climate change expenditures when there other things to attend to.

In my opinion, the reasoning put forward by the UN's IPCC for the raising of funds to combat "climate change" is a fallacious one, and the world would be better off if they ceased pushing the "global warming" bandwagon.

The UN insists the world must become carbon neutral by mid or late century if the average rise in global temperature is to be kept within the 2 degree threshold limit predicted by scientists to cause catastrophic environmental results.( ) We must curb the rise in greenhouse gases so please send your money to our fund on climate change and we will spend it for you, firstly to pay all our bloated UN salaries and finance our fancy 2015 Conferences in Paris and Lima.

The IPCC have got it wrong. CO2 is not an atmospheric pollutant. It is a welcome gas to our atmosphere because it is used by plants, crops and trees to grow. The whole biosphere depends on having an atmosphere rich in CO2 gas. What we don't want is an atmosphere loaded with particulate pollutants and sulphur dioxide etc which can be controlled if you know the chemistry involved. But the IPCC avoids the scientific approach to the problem because its prime purpose is self-enrichment and power to boss countries around, eventually leading to world government run by them! I say POX on the IPCC. It's not going to happen.

Monday, November 17, 2014

NO MORE wind farms wanted in South Australia ... wind industry get lost.

Tim Flannery, CEO of the Climate Council, has another sqauwk about how wonderful renewable energy is (NOT). He says that South Australia is leading the way with renewable energy but Vic and NSW are going backwards due to restrictive wind farm regulations. This he explains on a constant favorable policy of the SA Labor Premiers Rann and Weatherill for wind farms and solar panels.

It also explains why South Australia has the highest cost of electricity, the latest domestic price being 32 cents per kWhr which is the same as in Germany and twice that in Canada and the USA.

We don't want any more parasitic useless wind farms in South Australia. Nor do we want the Climate Council spreading eco-religious bunkum about renewable energy. Flannery has done enough damage to the Australian economy by promoting unwanted desal plants costing billions and wasting shareholder money on bizarre deep geothermal bores. Flannery is a chalatan at best and his advice must be rejected.

Friday, November 14, 2014

China offers OBAMA'S America a Climate Change mouse trap set with inviting cheese..

This is very clever of the Chinese and President Xi Jinping to offer to sign up to a deal on reduction of greenhouse gases which will be disastrous for US industry, but have no effect on Chinese development (or global temperatures). Obama today makes a late stage arrival at the G20 Conference in Brisbane, Australia. With much fan-fare Obama reiterates his promise that the US, as a "big polluter", will reduce its emissions by 25 to 28% from 2008 levels. Also Obama promises a $2.5 billion to poor countries to fight "Climate Change". Very impressive, but it is all bunkum. I doubt that the GOP controlled US Congress and Senate will allow any such move by Obama.

The US Democrats and the Australian Labor and Greens use climate change alarmism to scare the populace into voting for them. They know next to nothing about climate change or geological history of the earth but cherry pick what they do know for political purposes. Oh, they say, we must STOP climate change. We must have a climate change policy. That of course is all bunkum. Climate change has been going on ever since the earth was created and will do so until the planet is a dead one like Mars. Let's be thankful we live on such a wonderful and dynamic planet.

Of course we must tackle air pollution where it exists today such as in many Chinese cities. The warmists wrongly and deliberately confuse this with greenhouse gas emissions and therefore give reason to move one's economy to a "carbon neutral" one, which is a nonsense. Carbon dioxide is NOT a pollutant but an essential plant nutrient that we could have more of. What we don't want is smog producing particulate matter and sulfur dioxide fumes all of which can be captured in modern power stations. The smog problem was almost eliminated in London ages ago with the introduction of the Clean Air Act, whereby the domestic (uncontrolled) burning of coal for heating was banned. The controlled burning of coal in power stations largely overcame the smog problem.

So beware of Presidents of countries (eg USA), and the World Bank, or IMF or EU, or UN who use "Warmist terminology", and who spout forth nonsense propaganda about carbon pollution and climate change. Invariably they want your money, and support, but you'd be wise to tell them to get lost, for you can tell truth from fiction. Say NO to their political lies and humbug.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Australia needs a NEW ENERGY POLICY based on scientific logic, not eco-religious bunkum.

The Coalition Federal Government is stymied by lack of support in the Senate to develop our energy resources in a scientific and logical way that would benefit all Australia. The Coalition would firstly love to get rid of the RET (Renewable Energy Target) legislation which mandates that 20% of all energy comes from renewable resources by year 2020, which amounts to ca 41 gigaWhrs. A compromise figure of 5% renewables is preferred as energy consumption is less than predicted for the future. Also, the scrapping of the Climate Change Authority has been thwarted by the Senate at least until the next election.

The opposition to a new energy policy is a religious one, full of bullshit terminology, alarmism and threats if we don't conform to their way of thinking, which is rather similar to ISIL in the Middle East, but without the chopping off of heads. We hear of clean fuel, of carbon pollution, global warming, climate change, sea level rising, acidic oceans, Great Barrier Reef extinctions, carbon footprints, greenhouse gas emissions and renewable energy targets, the big polluters, carbon sequestration and so on, in a never ending diatribe of imaginary catastrophies dreamed up by the warmists and the ECO-GREEN movement to frighten hell out of the general populace.

The sky is not going to fall in if we systematically get rid of all this legislative bunkum, but it WILL get rid of some undesirable industrial rent seekers and promoters of wind farms and solar plants, and other bizarre activities like ocean wave plants and deep geothermal bores. Renewables (excepting hydroelectricity) are a great waste of money and should be left to fund themselves, not funded by Government.

The present energy planners must be replaced by a new breed of engineers installed to develop our COAL, GAS, OIL and URANIUM resources, at the same time as dismantling all the useless wind turbines and selling them off for scrap metal. Our brown coal power stations need to be modernized and expanded, and black coal exported for power and steel production. South Australia could use some black coal for this purpose. We must develop nuclear power, perhaps specializing in small reactors to power outback mining regions (and submarines?). Industry demands cheap power. In Adelaide SA domestic power is now at 32 cents/kWhr which is TWICE the price of power in the US and Canada. Let's get rid of these bureaucratic eco-religious morons that are preventing Australia from having a prosperous future.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

C NEWS: More Wind Farms (unwanted) in South Australia

South Australia ELECTRICITY:

How come we need a 137 turbine wind farm at Snowtown, in the mid north of South Australia? What an eye sore the turbines will be to the landscape. How dare they be allowed to put their dribble of expensive electricity into the national grid.

Premier Weatherill must stop this madness of promoting wind energy no matter at what cost to the consumer. What a fire hazard the turbines are and with the fire season just starting and 40 degree weather!

POX on all wind farms = WIND SCAMS.

Siemens go home. Good riddance to you.