Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cuba and the US get back together again, after 50 years

It has been announced by Obama that their has been a change of foreign policy with regard to relations with Cuba. Following the release of a US prisoner Obama has indicated that the US will establish diplomatic relations with Cuba and lift all sanctions with the island which have been in existence 50 years. The Pope has encouraged this change of heart between Obama and Raul Castro, the President of Cuba.

This is good news for both the US and Cuba. Sanctions do not work even after 50 years. Other nations have long had normal relations with Cuba. The USA would do well to revise other aspects of its foreign policy, such as its sanctions imposed on Russia, and the US/CIA interference in Ukraine politics. Why does the US always have to bully other nations?

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Lima Conflerence concludes on its 12th day; and spends 2 more days wrangling.

The COP20 Conference in Lima is over but some delegates are still working on their "World Treaty" to take to the next meeting in Paris. Talk about delusions of grandeur!! The "World Treaty" is supposed to ensure a carbon-free future for the world and each country must say how it intends to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. These delegates exist in a parallel universe to our one. They are quite mad. Details of their "World Treaty" will be commented upon when available.

The Conference aim was to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases world wide but it self generated over 50,000 tonnes of CO2 as the 12.500 delegates and visitors jetted into and out of Lima. Diesel generators had to be used to generate electricity for the Conference. A two day extension was made to finalize some report yet to be disclosed.

Although many countries have PLEDGED financial support to the Climate Fund, no one has actually signed on the dotted line. Hopefully when the delegates arrive home, the respective parliaments/congresses will negate the idea of sending money to this ratbag UN organization. Even the US Congress has revolted on this matter. In other words, tell the UN's IPCC and the gullible Mr Ban Ki-moon to get lost.
Until then, Merry Xmas to all , Allano

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Australia pledges $200 million to the UN's Climate Fund

At the Lima Climate Change Conference being held this week the pressure has been brought to bare on Australia's lack of interest in the proceedings. Our Prime Minister, Tony Abbott has announced today that Australia would now contribute to the Climate Fund $200 million payable over 4 years. This amount would be deducted from the Foreign Aid budget so as not to increase overall Government expenditure.

This seems to be an excessive amount to stem criticism from the warmists delegates. South Korea, Switzerland and Finland have all pledged $100 million each and New Zealand has got by with pledging only $3 million. Apparently these UN Climate Funds will go to helping third world countries in Africa and Asia to "combat climate change" and assist them to move to a "low carbon economy".

In my opinion this is the last thing they want for moving to future prosperity. A low carbon economy is the quick way to continue poverty, but a good way to sell useless wind turbines and other crackpot renewable energy schemes by developed nations. In fact, the whole organization deserves to be disbanded and the staff redirected into doing something useful to mankind. It seems that their nefarious activity of promoting manmade climate change will continue until the money flow dries up. It is up to us to stop that money flow.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

COP out for COP at Lima... God help us if they ever have any control.

I have just printed out the pledges for the "Climate Change" fund devised by the UN to keep the money flowing to finance their nefarious operations. The USA tops the list at $3 billion, with Japan at $1.5 billion, Britain 1.1 billion, Germany 1 billion, France 1 billion dollars and so on tapering down to $50,000 for Mongolia, and these are PLEDGES not actual reliable cash flows ... ie wishful thinking on the part of the UN's IPCC.

Australia is singled out for abuse/pressure for not contributing, but thankfully we have a mind of our own and refuse to do so, along with the BRIC group of nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China) and many others like Chile, Argentina etc. Australia is standing firm against this by refusing to go along with the eco-religious bunkum promoted by the IPCC, the EU and the Obama led US adminstration.