Thursday, January 30, 2014

More heat wave conditions in Adelaide, South Australia

It's nice having fine cloudless days with blue sky but I wish it wasn't so hot. Yesterday, Thursday, reached 37 C degrees and the Met predicts daily maxima of 40, 42 and 43 degrees which takes us to Saturday, then there is a cool snap of 35 C on Monday coming. Incoming airplane passengers to Adelaide are given special notices on how to cope with the heat, which is sensible.

What is kept under wraps is the uselessness of wind farms to produce electricity during a heat wave, since calm conditions prevail just when we need that extra boost of electricity to meet an abnormal continuous peak demand. The powers that be keep VERY QUIET about their stupid decisions to promote wind farms which are just a SCAM. Also the turbines are a fire hazard and are prone to bursting into flames during these periods of intense heat. In Europe and North America wind farms are useless in times of intense cold when covered in snow and ice. This is why our electricity bills are so high. Let's get rid of wind farms altogether!