Sunday, December 16, 2018


The Climate Change Conference in Poland has come to an end, thank goodness, with a rousing cry from the famous naturalist David Attenborough, saying that the end of the World as we know it will come if we don’t Do Something.... Close down all coal-burning power stations! Substantially reduce our emissions of Greenhouse Gases to the atmosphere! If we don’t do this then global warming will rise beyond the 1½ degrees and all hell will be let loose on Earth.

Naturally this is very disturbing if you are one of those gullible souls who believe everything the Media spout forth on the airwaves. I estimate that about 50% of Internet and Radio News is fake news, or incorrect news, and 50% is factual - like police reports, or bush fires, but which is which? Which news is genuine, and which is just opinion?

The topic of Climate Change is so saturated with non-scientific bunkum that it is difficult to have a sane conservation with anyone about it. One could start with asking: what is a global temperature? Does such a thing exist, and if so how do you measure it?

Next you could ask what does CO2 pollution look like? High school students of chemistry will inform you that CO2 gas is invisible. This, fairly obviiously, means you can’t see it. Clever students will realize the deliberate deception by activists linking invisible CO2 to smog and particulate pollution caused by cars and manufacturing industries. Such pollution needs to be rectified of course, but you have to know your chemistry to do it effectively.

CO2 should not be used as a propaganda tool. We want it and the plants want it. CO2 is good stuff. It is a desirable component of our atmosphere. Without atmospheric CO2 we will all perish.

The UN and its associated hard-green activists have developed an elaborate mythology demonizing carbon and CO2, for various reasons. This is misguided; carbon is the most wonderful element in the Periodic Table and does not deserve this insult. Carbon forms more compounds than ALL the other elements put together; hence we have ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, a subject which appears unknown to most politicians. It is the basis of all life forms, whether you like it or not. So DON’T KNOCK CARBON.

We must cherish carbon and consider ourselves fortunate to have lots of it in Australia, in the form of COAL, OIL, and HYDROCARBON GASES, the use of which has given us our present prosperity.
Merry Xmas from Allano;  reprinted from habitat21  (UK)

Friday, October 26, 2018


and how to solve it.
It is necessary to unravel past mistakes. It has long been recognized that Australian energy policies have been devised and run by charlatans and raving Green lunatics. The only way forward to achieve cheap power and overall prosperity for the country as a whole is to stop this investment in renewables (wind and solar) i.e., allow no more subsidies of 2 to 3 billion per year.
Get rid of RETS, which are a UN devised nonsense designed to ruin our economic development through lowering of Greenhouse gas emissions. This is a bullshit UN mythology concocted to save the world from global warming, when geologists say we are long over due to move into another Ice Age.
The solution to the energy problem is as follows:
(1) Tell the UN to go to hell.
(2) Use your OWN brains to solve any problem.
(3) Develop our COAL, GAS and HYDRO resources to generate electricity,
(4) Phase out all useless wind farms and large solar plants (and the fools that promote them).
(5) Start a nuclear power industry and have one nuclear power station in each State. It's all very simple. Get doing it. This is free advice from Allano

Sunday, July 15, 2018


The idea that if the world reduces its emissions of CO2 we can prevent a global temperature rise of 1 1/2 degrees is a FANTASY. We cant even measure a meaningful global temperature. The world is more likely to experience a decrease in temperature and the coming of another overdue Ice Age than any global warming

We must ignore the UN anti-carbon bunkum, get rid of our RETS, or Renewable Energy Targets, which are based on fraudulent UN anti-carbon propaganda, and allow our industries to develop free of the constraint of lowering CO2 emissions. CO2 is NOT a pollutant. Plants, crops and trees depend on CO2 for growth. Our atmosphere needs MORE CO2 not less. The UN is foolish to think otherwise.  

Allano's comment on Facebook today 15/07/2018

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


The energy solution is obvious...we have had cheap power before with no problems. Confine power production for the National Network to that from using COAL, NATURAL GAS, HYDRO and NUCLEAR power stations

All intermitant power should be phased out and not allowed for the National Network. No more wind farms or large solar plants allowed, hence no more subsidies for them. Also, no more than 50% of power plants should be privately owned, and/ or there should be a limit to private ownership of existing plants.

Get rid of the RETS and any UN influence to our Energy Polices. UN get lost.  Regards from Allano


Craig Kelly MP supports building more coal-fired power stations. We would be MAD not to do so. Get rid of all the RETS (Renewable Energy Targets) for they are just UN anti- carbon propaganda. We WANT MORE CO2 in the atmosphere, NOT LESS. Trust me,for I am not from the Government.  My comment on Facebook.  Regards from Allano

Monday, July 2, 2018


A useful measure of stupidity to compare the political parties in Australia is given by the level of support they give to RETS, or Renewable Energy Targets. This is in response to UN propaganda to reduce Greenhouse gas emissions and supposedly prevent the World from global warming. Federally, this is taken at 26% , the Labor Party has the goal of 50%, and The Greens 100%. How wonderful all this is, I don't think! The UN will be as pleased as punch to have the major Australia political parties following their bunkum. I suspect they actually believe their anti-carbon nonsense is true….which it isn't.
Our pollies have swallowed hook, line and sinker all the UN anti-carbon propaganda and, according to them, how it is necessary to reduce our Greenhouse gas emissions. CO2 is demonized and kept out of sight, preferably buried underground, as in CCS or "carbon capture and storage", which is a bizarre Green technology, and quite unnecessary.
Chemists will tell you the true story. Carbon is the most wonderful element in the Periodic Table. It forms more compounds than all the other elements put together. Carbon is an essential part of all life forms. You are made of millions of different complex carbon compounds, as are all animals and plants. CO2 is not a pollutant at all. Plants use CO2 to build their structures by photosynthesis and give out oxygen in the process. How stupid it is of the UN to try and fool us to limit CO2 emissions into the atmosphere when it is already at the low level of about 400 ppm.
Carbon in its crystalline form as diamond is the hardest substance known to man and has important uses as an abrasive, as well as being a prized gemstone. Also in the form of graphite, it is a soft mechanical lubricant. Its high melting point makes it useful for component parts of jet and rocket engines, whereas high strength carbon fibres have a myriad of uses, including the making of fishing rods. So pollies, don’t go knocking carbon.
For the future wellbeing of Australia, I suggest that the Ministry of Energy ignores all the false and mythical advice it gets from the UN and its IPCC. The RETS have to go for they are a nonsense. The Ministry requires a more reliable source of information. I recommend using the NIPCC, or Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change which is run by international scientists not overwhelmed by the UN anti-carbon propaganda.
Regards from Allano.

Saturday, June 30, 2018


The latest push by the NEG with Energy Policy is to lock in a 26% reduction of emissions by 2030, on 2005 levels.   This means we lock in 26% reduction for a full 10 years, until 2030.   What a load of nonsense dreamed up by the lunatic fringe of pollies, without a brain between them.   These idiot pollies should all be taken by the scruff of the neck and tossed into Lake Burley Griffin, metaphorically speaking, of course. 

How many times have I explained to them that Australia does NOT need to reduce its emissions of CO2, or "Greenhouse Gases", whatever you like to call them?  CO2 is NOT a pollutant.  It is a valuable component of the Earth's atmosphere, and there should be MORE of it in the atmosphere, not LESS.   Currently it is at the level of 410 ppm and is fortunately slowly increasing, largely due to the present vigorous volcanic activity in Hawaii, Guatemala, Indonesia and elsewhere.

I object to our Ministry of Energy formulating Australia's  Energy Policies according to the fraudulent anti-carbon mythology promoted by the United Nations.  We must get rid of these RETS, or Renewable Energy Targets at the State and Federal level, which stifle our economic development.  They are based on UN anti-carbon bunkum, and the mythology that they can control a supposed rise in the Earth's temperature by 2 degrees' thus preventing catastrophic global warming.  If you believe that you'll also believe in Father Christmas.  Geologists are predicting a global cooling and another Ice Age.   Regards from Allano.

Thursday, June 28, 2018


The proposed Energy Policy future expounded by NEG (National Energy Guarantee) must be avoided like the plague, since it is based on UN anti-carbon nonsense. Why doesn't Josh and the Ministry of Energy use their BRAINS to solve our energy crisis, instead of relying on the UN and its "clean energy nonsense", and related mythology, egged on by the power charlatans and the Greens, that is now jeopardizing our future well being..
According to NEG, it has the only comprehensive policy to force down domestic power prices. Apparently current and planned renewables are here to stay, and Snowy 2 makes them more reliable!!!. Our "clean energy future" is assured. We shall achieve our Paris CC obligations early, by our planned reduction of Greenhouse Gases.
Needless to say, this is all NONSENSE. We don't have to reduce our CO2 emissions, since CO2 is NOT a pollutant. CO2 is a desirable component of our atmosphere and is essential for the well being of the BIOSPHERE, i.e., for the growth of our crops, pasture and forests. We need MORE CO2 in the atmosphere, NOT LESS. Believe me, for I am a chemist, and not from the Government.  Regards Allano


Tony Abbott is correct to warn us of the potential failings of the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) proposals for Australia's energy future. Liberal Trent Zimmerman, at Tuesday 's Coalition party room meeting, had an opposite but soothing view. He said that all was well and that NEG had covered the three most important desires of policy: viz., providing grid security, lowering prices, and meeting our Paris targets. Also, he warned that it would be a serious mistake to ignore the rising concern of Australian voters about the impact of climate change.
The hobgoblins are now all in place. The American political writer and critic H. L. Mencken (1880 - 1956) wrote "The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."
This NEG Energy Policy is a nonsense.. It will fix nothing. Our energy crisis will get worse. It will not lower prices. Why is this?
Firstly, the policy is all dependent on the UN fallacy that CO2 is an unwelcome pollutant and must be eliminated, or reduced from our emissions, which is a nonsense. CO2 is the life blood of the BIOSPHERE and must be cherished. CO2 is an essential part of our atmosphere. There should be MORE CO2 not LESS in the atmosphere. The current level is about 410 ppm and is slowly rising, thanks to present vigorous volcanic eruptions in Hawaii, Guatemala and elsewhere. CO2 gas is good stuff. It is an invisible gas, found in many foods, including beer, wines, and breads etc. We humans breathe it out all the time. CO2 is nothing to be afraid of. It's not a hobgloblin.
Therefore it follows that our Ministry of Energy, and Josh the Minister, have been barking up the wrong tree. We don't have to reduce our emissions. We don't need to have RETS, or Renewable Energy Targets, which are designed to reduce our emissions of CO2 from burning fossil fuels, such as coal and gas, and stifle our economy at the same time. This idea is all a nonsense imposed by the UN; as previously warned by our former PM, Tony Abbott. "It's a load of crap." he says, and as a scientist (geochemist), I agree with him.
The other hobgloblin that is always drawn out to scare people is that of "climate change." Climate is always changing very slowly and has done since our planet Earth began, about 4 1/2 billion years ago. We humans can't do much about that. Geologists are not worried about it. You are welcome to believe in the mythology of Paris Accord, which is an agreement among countries to supposedly limit a world temperature rise to 2 degrees, by restricting Greenhouse Gas emissions. As a scientist, I equate this with believing in the mythology of Santa Claus, visiting at Christmas time with his sleigh drawn by reindeer, full of presents to put in your stocking at the end of your bed. Such mythology is wonderful for amusing children, but it is best forgotten when devising Energy Policies. Regards from Allano.

Saturday, May 26, 2018


Australia is sliding to its economic doom with the present greedy and stupid mob of pollies at the helm. Their priorities are all wrong. These pollies feed at the Government trough which seems to have a direct link to their bank accounts. They are so far out on a limb of the tree of largesse they will never voluntary come back. However, there is an inkling that something is seriously wrong when we see the rise of the Independent pollies, such as One Nation, the Australian Conservatives, ALA, and the Monash Forum, et al.
We are not alone in this battle against idiocy and political skulduggery found in Western democracies. This serious blight is even more of a problem in the UK and the US. At least in the US they have a good Leader as President, in Mr Trump, who is slowly making progress in demolishing the charlatans in opposition, Sosna, a Trump analyst, says today: "The rope is slowly being tightened against the throats of all the big time swamp creatures". The swamp is being drained in the USA. We haven't even started draining the swamp in Canberra.
Our Australian economy is controlled by stupid Green pollies who support and promote the anti-carbon propaganda of the corrupt United Nations, with its ridiculous RETS, or Renewable Energy Targets. They work for the Ministry of Energy and the Environment, and are found in the Prime Minister's Office. We are being controlled by a foreign power and the instigators are not even "dual citizens". Ha ha ha … are being hoodwinked by a clever lawyer. Next you will be having a Republic, and next you will have a country controlled by Muslims. That is the future installed for us, unless you do something to stop it.
Regards from Allano.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


How can Australia realise its full potential, or any potential, when it's life's blood is being bastardized by the secret Energy Australia organization with its anti-carbon ideology? It's CEO, Catherine Tanna, seems to be a raving Green loonie, having unspecified qualifications. Who the hell are they, that they think that can manipulate a "clean energy transition" that includes useless windmills and large solar plants, all of which are PARASTIC to base-load electricity, and consist of dribbles of intermittent energy that we DON’T want, and that buggers up our National Grid network if allowed to be accepted..
The only sensible way ahead for Australia is to SCRAP the RETS, or Renewable Energy Targets, which are an impost from the United Nations. We don't believe their anti-carbon mythology and the idea that CO2 gas is a pollutant. This is a nonsense. CARBON is the most the wonderful element in the chemical Periodic Table. It forms MORE compounds than ALL the other elements put together. Shame on you trying to demonize carbon and its hydrocarbon fuels and carbon dioxide. You are quite MAD and ignorant to do so.
Australia is rich in energy resources. It must develop its power from COAL, GAS and HYDRO power stations, and develop a NUCLEAR power industry. We don't need, or want, any crap renewable energy sources thank you, or to transist towards them. What we have experienced of them so far has been a FAILURE. Yes, repeat after me:
FAILURE, FAILURE, FAILURE, FAILURE, FAILURE, FAILURE, FAILURE and I would include in this failure, the Ministry of Energy, and the Prime Minister's Office., and NEG, and Energy Australia, whose CEO hasn't got clue on the matter.
In place of the ridiculous RETS, or Renewable Energy Targets, I suggest each region has a US average domestic price target, which is about Aus 20 cents/kwhr. If the Americans can produce electricity at that price then so can we. It is just a matter of getting rid of our raving Green loonies and charlatans that infest our power industry.
Regards from Allano

Monday, May 21, 2018


RETS or the Renewable Energy Targets , are ridiculous targets promoted by the United Nations for countries, or States, to achieve in order to lower Green House Gas Emissions. It is ridiculous because the UN's anti-carbon ideology is a mythology based on false anti-carbon propaganda. The UN promotes this idea to LOWER the CO2 in the atmosphere, whereas in actual fact we need MORE CO2 gas in the atmosphere, to foster better plant growth in the biosphere, for our crops, plants and forests.
RETS must be abolished. Instead, we must consider CO2 as good stuff and not be alarmed about it increasing in the atmosphere. The plants love it and so should you.
Market gardeners use their glass houses with atmospheres having well over 1000ppm, ditto in submarines.and space craft. If we are going to have a goal, let's have a new GOAL, that being a PRICE of electricity GOAL to strive for. Let that be the average domestic price for electricity in the USA, which is about 15 cents/kwhr. The present price in Australia is 2 to 3 times this, and so is the highest in the World.
So this is our new PRICE OF ELECTRICITY GOAL. No subsidies allowed. If the USA can do it, so can Australia. Fire the silly buggers who say we can't. They mostly work in the Ministry of Energy and the Prime Minister's Office.
Regards from Allano.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


I have heard of "Peak Oil" and now we have to deal with the concept of "Peak Climate Change" which all stems from the ACT's version of climate change and sustainability, which is what they call their Ministry….to me they operate on another planet.
The problem seems to originate from the Rudd - Gillard era when Labor ruled the roost and climate change was considered to be the greatest threat to mankind. So we got enslaved by the "Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act 2010". What has happened since then is bureaucracy has blossomed and the then newly formed Climate Council has regularly submitted reports to the Minister of Climate Change, ACT, and Greens. Apparently, no one has bothered to inform them that this is no longer the case i.e., that climate change has, let's say, receded into the background as a serious threat to human beings.
Therefore, it is high time to abolish this "CC and GHG Reduction Bill 2010" because in actual fact we need to INCREASE the level of CO2 in our atmosphere, and so allow the healthy and more vigorous growth of plants, crops and forests etc, known as the biosphere by scientists.
Sorry, pollies, but you got it wrong. We no longer require your UN inspired anti-carbon propaganda. We don't believe your mythology to do with global warming. Please return this bunkum to the sender. Also, take with you your RETS, or Renewable Energy Targets, for they are not wanted either. We must have Australia FREE to pursue its own course for a prosperous future.
Regards from Allano.

Thursday, May 3, 2018


Use coal today for energy. Trees and plants growing millions of years ago stored carbon in their structures, so that now we can release its energy by burning its carbon and thus converting it to electricity. It is much more economical to use coal, which is concentrated fossil sunlight, than try to use dilute sunlight today.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Josh Frydenberg, the Minister of Energy,  looks intelligent but looks are deceiving. Nothing will change with your power bill until the Government rejects its UN directed RETS, or Renewable Energy Targets, and tells the Wind Industry to get lost. Support the Monash Group of pollies who are promoting coal-fired power stations.
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Wednesday, April 18, 2018


It's time we fired these raving loonies in Josh Frydenberg's Ministry of Energy. We must get rid of the RETS (Renewable Energy Targets) promoted by the corrupt UN, and move to more coal, gas and hydro power sources. Support the Monash Forum of pollies who want to expand our coal fired power stations.Let's see if we can REDUCE our electricity price to at least what it is in the USA. At present it is the highest in the WORLD.

Thursday, April 12, 2018


The latest news from New Zealand is not good news for the oil and gas industry which generates a revenue of about $NZ 2.5 billion/year. No more off-shore exploration permits will be granted. There are currently 22 permits off shore. Onshore permits will be reduced. Most production is in the Taranaki province. The reason for this move is to combat "Climate Change" by reducing emissions of Greenhouse gases, or CO2, and enhance New Zealand's green image.

Ardern is following the anti-carbon mythology of the UN and which is also promoted by GreenPeace is all a load of unscientific hogwash. CO2 is NOT a pollutent, but is a desirable component of the atmosphere. CO2 is a plant food. The more CO2 the better. Trust me for I am not from the Government. We don't have to reduce our emissions of CO2. We don't have to worry about climate change. CO2 is good stuff. Don't worry..don't worry your little self about it.... all will be well. Uncle Allano will see that the blue sky doesn't collapse on you.

Ardern's move to stifle the oil and gas industry in New Zealand gives further emphasis to the wise quote of the American writer H.L. Mencken, (1880-1956), who said: "The whole acm of politics is to keep the populous alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins (CO2, climate change, global warning etc), all of them imaginary". We don't need to worry about climate change in New Zealand, nor do we need to stifle the oil and gas industry by chasing after hobgoblins. Regards from Allano

by Allan Taylor: Watch out, Global warming is coming to Los Angeles. They are painting the streets white to prevent global warming and combat climate change. The Green PM Ardern of New Zealand would feel at home here amongst all these Californian Greens....she has only stopped future oil and gas exploration in NZ. Will she paint Wellington city streets white, too?

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Today we had Josh Frydenberg , Minister of Energy and the Environment speak at the National Press Club and explain the Coalition Government's Energy Policy and how it works. What alarms me is that we are supposed to swallow the idea that affordable and reliable power can be achieved with the present setup by reducing carbon emissions some 25% by a specified date … we must lower our carbon footprint!....achieve our RET or Renewable Energy Target, which is to please the UN and its Paris Agreement about reduction of Greenhouse Gases.

It seems necessary to continually remind the Minister of Energy that our Renewable Energy Targets are all nonsense, being based on the anti- carbon mythology of the warmists who believe that CO2 is a pollutant, which it isn't. To achieve a viable and prosperous future the Government must rid itself of any form of Renewable Energy Target which constricts our use of carbon based fuels, such as coal and gas. POX on the UN. Regards from Allano

Sunday, April 8, 2018


South Australia is having its first mini heat wave for this December summer, culminating in three days with temperatures in Adelaide city of 38 to 40 degrees C. Earlier in the week disastrous fires north of Adelaide had destroyed 27 homes, blackened 82,000 hectares of prime farmland and caused 2 deaths. This weekend has been very hot with 3 days reaching 38 degrees and night temperatures down only to 31 degrees....OK if you have air conditioning I suppose.

This morning, at 3 am , unable to sleep with an indoor temperature of 31 degrees, I got up and turned on the computer to do some blogging. Great .....until there was a power outage from 3.30 to 6 am, so I went back to bed. So, inclement weather brings down trees on power lines, so they say. In Australia we have Nature to deal with all the time....either its bush fires, or flooding, those are the main hazards, if you ignore Labor Governments.

Now I know what it must be like trying to live in Syria! That country is being bombed to bits by everyone and his dog; rather like South Australia with its Labor Government which is determined to put us on the Green's road to hell and poverty. By joining forces with John Hewson's "Low Carbon Economy Expert Panel" to provide everything "carbon neutral" in South Australia by 2050 we are assured only of continued economic disaster, with SA being at the bottom of the economic pile of States.

South Australia has it own DIY way of destroying the economy. Unlike Syria, we don't have to rely on Obama's Coalition of Pirates to bomb our power stations, or hospitals ......or wait a minute, Premier Weatherall is closing down the Repat Hospital where I go sometimes; Alinta Energy has closed down the Leigh Creek coal field and the Port Augusta power stations.......Great!...we don't have to bomb anything, just leave it all to the Labor Government! Still, I like living in Adelaide for its nice Mediterranean climate and production of fine wines. No place is perfect.

Merry Xmas from Allano.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

(Memories from 31 March 2017)

The Labor Government of Premier Weatherill wallows in it's death throws as it endeavours to overcome the power crisis of its own making by reliance on renewables. The Premier is determined to go down in flames because he takes sane advice from nobody. Sanity to SA Labor is like pouring water on a duck's back.

His latest bizarre project is to contract the Lyon Group to build a battery and solar farm in the Riverland at Morgan costing $1 billion, according to ABC News. This is the most stupid idea possible. In SA we want more base-load power best generated by a coal-fired power station of 500 to1000.MW size. We don't want ANY MORE renewable energy power sources and the associated risk they involve.

Large solar plants are NOT appropriate for SA for many reasons. The panel array could be wiped out in half-an-hour by a thunderstorm, high winds and hail stones, and then we would be up Shit Creek without a panel/paddle. Every summer we get dust storms which coat solar panels and my car with RED DUST, which makes car wash businesses very busy, even in Adelaide. Solar plants are NOT WEATHERPROOF. We certainly DO NOT WANT this thought bubble of our crazy Premier to get off the ground…..God help us.

How can we STOP this power and financial stupidity in South Australia? Premier Weatherill, please get lost and take all your bizarre Greeny ideas with you. You are not wanted in South Australia.

Regards from Allano.