Monday, January 13, 2014

Heat Wave Conditions Show Uselessness of Wind Farms

This week the southern part of Australia is subject to an intense heat wave with 5 consecutive days predicted to be 40 C starting yesterday (Monday). Temperature in Adelaide yesterday reached 42 C and is predicted to be the same today Tuesday, with Melbourne at 43 degrees, and with night minimums around 25 to 29 C. Wow!

These high temperatures create a continuous high peak demand for electricity to run air conditioners so that people can keep cool night and day, BUT poke your nose outdoors and you will find CALM conditions. Not a breath of wind to drive the wind turbines, which are quite useless under heat wave conditions.

The conclusion is that wind farms exist purely for the benefit of the wind farm owners and land renters while the proletariat and industry have to put up with an exorbitant electricity price of 31 cents per kWhr. The Coalition has on election day, 15th of March, the opportunity to win the South Australian State election and DO SOMETHING about stopping the promotion of wind farms = wind SCAMS.