Saturday, May 26, 2018


Australia is sliding to its economic doom with the present greedy and stupid mob of pollies at the helm. Their priorities are all wrong. These pollies feed at the Government trough which seems to have a direct link to their bank accounts. They are so far out on a limb of the tree of largesse they will never voluntary come back. However, there is an inkling that something is seriously wrong when we see the rise of the Independent pollies, such as One Nation, the Australian Conservatives, ALA, and the Monash Forum, et al.
We are not alone in this battle against idiocy and political skulduggery found in Western democracies. This serious blight is even more of a problem in the UK and the US. At least in the US they have a good Leader as President, in Mr Trump, who is slowly making progress in demolishing the charlatans in opposition, Sosna, a Trump analyst, says today: "The rope is slowly being tightened against the throats of all the big time swamp creatures". The swamp is being drained in the USA. We haven't even started draining the swamp in Canberra.
Our Australian economy is controlled by stupid Green pollies who support and promote the anti-carbon propaganda of the corrupt United Nations, with its ridiculous RETS, or Renewable Energy Targets. They work for the Ministry of Energy and the Environment, and are found in the Prime Minister's Office. We are being controlled by a foreign power and the instigators are not even "dual citizens". Ha ha ha … are being hoodwinked by a clever lawyer. Next you will be having a Republic, and next you will have a country controlled by Muslims. That is the future installed for us, unless you do something to stop it.
Regards from Allano.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


How can Australia realise its full potential, or any potential, when it's life's blood is being bastardized by the secret Energy Australia organization with its anti-carbon ideology? It's CEO, Catherine Tanna, seems to be a raving Green loonie, having unspecified qualifications. Who the hell are they, that they think that can manipulate a "clean energy transition" that includes useless windmills and large solar plants, all of which are PARASTIC to base-load electricity, and consist of dribbles of intermittent energy that we DON’T want, and that buggers up our National Grid network if allowed to be accepted..
The only sensible way ahead for Australia is to SCRAP the RETS, or Renewable Energy Targets, which are an impost from the United Nations. We don't believe their anti-carbon mythology and the idea that CO2 gas is a pollutant. This is a nonsense. CARBON is the most the wonderful element in the chemical Periodic Table. It forms MORE compounds than ALL the other elements put together. Shame on you trying to demonize carbon and its hydrocarbon fuels and carbon dioxide. You are quite MAD and ignorant to do so.
Australia is rich in energy resources. It must develop its power from COAL, GAS and HYDRO power stations, and develop a NUCLEAR power industry. We don't need, or want, any crap renewable energy sources thank you, or to transist towards them. What we have experienced of them so far has been a FAILURE. Yes, repeat after me:
FAILURE, FAILURE, FAILURE, FAILURE, FAILURE, FAILURE, FAILURE and I would include in this failure, the Ministry of Energy, and the Prime Minister's Office., and NEG, and Energy Australia, whose CEO hasn't got clue on the matter.
In place of the ridiculous RETS, or Renewable Energy Targets, I suggest each region has a US average domestic price target, which is about Aus 20 cents/kwhr. If the Americans can produce electricity at that price then so can we. It is just a matter of getting rid of our raving Green loonies and charlatans that infest our power industry.
Regards from Allano

Monday, May 21, 2018


RETS or the Renewable Energy Targets , are ridiculous targets promoted by the United Nations for countries, or States, to achieve in order to lower Green House Gas Emissions. It is ridiculous because the UN's anti-carbon ideology is a mythology based on false anti-carbon propaganda. The UN promotes this idea to LOWER the CO2 in the atmosphere, whereas in actual fact we need MORE CO2 gas in the atmosphere, to foster better plant growth in the biosphere, for our crops, plants and forests.
RETS must be abolished. Instead, we must consider CO2 as good stuff and not be alarmed about it increasing in the atmosphere. The plants love it and so should you.
Market gardeners use their glass houses with atmospheres having well over 1000ppm, ditto in submarines.and space craft. If we are going to have a goal, let's have a new GOAL, that being a PRICE of electricity GOAL to strive for. Let that be the average domestic price for electricity in the USA, which is about 15 cents/kwhr. The present price in Australia is 2 to 3 times this, and so is the highest in the World.
So this is our new PRICE OF ELECTRICITY GOAL. No subsidies allowed. If the USA can do it, so can Australia. Fire the silly buggers who say we can't. They mostly work in the Ministry of Energy and the Prime Minister's Office.
Regards from Allano.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


I have heard of "Peak Oil" and now we have to deal with the concept of "Peak Climate Change" which all stems from the ACT's version of climate change and sustainability, which is what they call their Ministry….to me they operate on another planet.
The problem seems to originate from the Rudd - Gillard era when Labor ruled the roost and climate change was considered to be the greatest threat to mankind. So we got enslaved by the "Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act 2010". What has happened since then is bureaucracy has blossomed and the then newly formed Climate Council has regularly submitted reports to the Minister of Climate Change, ACT, and Greens. Apparently, no one has bothered to inform them that this is no longer the case i.e., that climate change has, let's say, receded into the background as a serious threat to human beings.
Therefore, it is high time to abolish this "CC and GHG Reduction Bill 2010" because in actual fact we need to INCREASE the level of CO2 in our atmosphere, and so allow the healthy and more vigorous growth of plants, crops and forests etc, known as the biosphere by scientists.
Sorry, pollies, but you got it wrong. We no longer require your UN inspired anti-carbon propaganda. We don't believe your mythology to do with global warming. Please return this bunkum to the sender. Also, take with you your RETS, or Renewable Energy Targets, for they are not wanted either. We must have Australia FREE to pursue its own course for a prosperous future.
Regards from Allano.

Thursday, May 3, 2018


Use coal today for energy. Trees and plants growing millions of years ago stored carbon in their structures, so that now we can release its energy by burning its carbon and thus converting it to electricity. It is much more economical to use coal, which is concentrated fossil sunlight, than try to use dilute sunlight today.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Josh Frydenberg, the Minister of Energy,  looks intelligent but looks are deceiving. Nothing will change with your power bill until the Government rejects its UN directed RETS, or Renewable Energy Targets, and tells the Wind Industry to get lost. Support the Monash Group of pollies who are promoting coal-fired power stations.
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