Monday, November 17, 2014

NO MORE wind farms wanted in South Australia ... wind industry get lost.

Tim Flannery, CEO of the Climate Council, has another sqauwk about how wonderful renewable energy is (NOT). He says that South Australia is leading the way with renewable energy but Vic and NSW are going backwards due to restrictive wind farm regulations. This he explains on a constant favorable policy of the SA Labor Premiers Rann and Weatherill for wind farms and solar panels.

It also explains why South Australia has the highest cost of electricity, the latest domestic price being 32 cents per kWhr which is the same as in Germany and twice that in Canada and the USA.

We don't want any more parasitic useless wind farms in South Australia. Nor do we want the Climate Council spreading eco-religious bunkum about renewable energy. Flannery has done enough damage to the Australian economy by promoting unwanted desal plants costing billions and wasting shareholder money on bizarre deep geothermal bores. Flannery is a chalatan at best and his advice must be rejected.