Saturday, October 25, 2014

C NEWS: and we don't want Direct Action either.

Coalition Federal politicians announce that their Direct Action plan to combat climate change will be introduced before the end of the year. The Coalition has been successful in removing Labor's ridiculous Carbon Tax and now bemoan the fact that they do not have a "climate change" policy in force!!! Oh dear! Will we ever get politicians who think for themselves and are real leaders of the free world, instead of ones that grovel to support the eco-religious bunkum of the left?

The Direct Action scheme was devised to counter Labor's Carbon Tax and show that this was a better alternative way of reducing greenhouse emissions (or CO2) and so save the world from global warming. Essentially the scheme promotes planting trees in order to fix the unwanted emissions of human induced CO2 from burning carbon fuels. It is true that this is better than having a disastrous Carbon Tax, but all it does is preserve the confused thinking of the left about climate change.

Firstly, if you want to absorb excess atmospheric CO2 why not plant crops, or something we can eat, instead of trees? Farmers are quite capable of planting trees without Federal Government help.

We are NOT going to alter "climate change" by Government Policy. Climate has ALWAYS changed, is changing NOW, and for ever will be changing until the Earth ends up a dead planet like Mars. Let's be thankful we live on a dynamic planet and so realize that "climate change" is a GOOD THING and is to be cherished. Politicians should get lost on this matter, or else improve their minds by studying Geology 101.

Fortunately climate change alarmism is on the wan. It is a cult promoted by the Labor and Greens to hoodwink the public into voting for them. Civilizations in the past have had to cope with climate change. The Egyptians, Mayans and Incas spring to mind. About 1450 AD, after experiencing years of drought in what is now Peru, the Incas devised a policy of sacrificing virgin maidens on the summits of high Andean volcanoes, to appease the Rain God.

If you go to Arequipa, Peru, in a museum you will find the "Ice Maiden" named "Juanita" preserved in a refrigerated display case. She was recovered from the summit of Volcan Ampato (6309 metres) by mountaineers in 1995. Since then two other ice mummies have been found on tops of Andean volcanoes. Perhaps we could offer Mt Kosciusko to Labor and the Greens to fine-tune their climate change policy?

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