Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Liberals wake up to wind farm scam in South Australia

At last the South Australian Liberals have woken up to the scams allowed by Mike Rann & continued by Premier Jay Weatherall with regard to wind farm development. Opposition spokesman David Ridgeway announces an investigation into the cost of wind energy and the health aspects of living close to the turbines, with the view of limiting wind farm development. They are on the right track to embarrass Labor. SA reportedly produces 20% of its electricity from wind farms, BUT it is not clear in their announcements whether they are talking about theoretical capacity to produce, or actual generation...such important points vanish amongst the SPIN used to promote wind farms, which operate ca 25% of rated capacity, due to the intermittent nature of wind.
I have written about the problem before: "Disadvantage of using wind energy"
Another important writing is:
"Myths about renewable energy" by T Cardwell

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Is Greenpeace a charity when it wants to destroy the Australian economy?

Jo Nova's "best blog of the year" points out the anomaly of the Australian Tax Office still granting Greenpeace a tax-free status as a Charitable Organization! Bob Brown boasts about how the Greens will bring the coal industry to its knees and close down coal-fired power stations. Greenpeace and other anti-carbon envirnomental groups are joining forces to try and do this. The coal industry provides $13 billion tax revenue to Government and employs directly ca 40,000 people.

So you get taxed for providing an essential service, like electricity generation, but if your organization promotes job destroying polices you are tax exempt. Great logic of Federal Labor Government. How to further increase the cost of electricity and destroy jobs. For more detail see Jo Nova's blog
The future of the coal industry in Australia.