Tuesday, January 7, 2014

South Australia 15th March 2014 State Election is the opportunity to change direction and achieve a prosperous future

SA must have plans to achieve LOWER prices for electricity, water, gas and hydrocarbon fuels if it is to have a viable and prosperous future. Are the SA Liberals capable of doing this? (Oz Liberals not US). I am not sure, which is why I write this blog to nudge them in the right direction.

For a decade or more the State has suffered from the application of the renewable energy nonsense of former Premier Mike Rann. South Australia unfortunately is now leading the country in renewable energy (wind and solar), also promoted by the Greens, which is why the State, like Tasmania, is economically stuffed and cost of electricity is so high (31 cents per kWhr in Adelaide). This political direction of demonizing carbon and imposing legislation limiting "greenhouse gas emissions" promoted by Labor and Greens must STOP and be replaced by a scientifically sensible ENERGY POLICY, devised without Green bunkum. (Ditto water policies)

The Federal change of repealing the Carbon Tax and Mining Tax later this year will be a welcome great step forwards. State wise it is essential to STOP giving permits for construction of wind farms which are just a SCAM. Liberals take notice: NO MORE WIND FARMS PERIOD. Also, subsidies to existing wind farms must be phased out over 5 years and plans made for their demolition, removal, and landscape restored to its former attractiveness.

Plans for subsidizing any large scale solar plants (eg Port Pirie) should be scrapped as being expensive and un-necessary. Existing coal-fired plants can be expanded and modernized with expansion and development of the States coal resources. The possibility of importing coal from the Eastern States needs to be studied. This is just the beginning ... watch this space. Cheers Allano