Friday, November 14, 2014

China offers OBAMA'S America a Climate Change mouse trap set with inviting cheese..

This is very clever of the Chinese and President Xi Jinping to offer to sign up to a deal on reduction of greenhouse gases which will be disastrous for US industry, but have no effect on Chinese development (or global temperatures). Obama today makes a late stage arrival at the G20 Conference in Brisbane, Australia. With much fan-fare Obama reiterates his promise that the US, as a "big polluter", will reduce its emissions by 25 to 28% from 2008 levels. Also Obama promises a $2.5 billion to poor countries to fight "Climate Change". Very impressive, but it is all bunkum. I doubt that the GOP controlled US Congress and Senate will allow any such move by Obama.

The US Democrats and the Australian Labor and Greens use climate change alarmism to scare the populace into voting for them. They know next to nothing about climate change or geological history of the earth but cherry pick what they do know for political purposes. Oh, they say, we must STOP climate change. We must have a climate change policy. That of course is all bunkum. Climate change has been going on ever since the earth was created and will do so until the planet is a dead one like Mars. Let's be thankful we live on such a wonderful and dynamic planet.

Of course we must tackle air pollution where it exists today such as in many Chinese cities. The warmists wrongly and deliberately confuse this with greenhouse gas emissions and therefore give reason to move one's economy to a "carbon neutral" one, which is a nonsense. Carbon dioxide is NOT a pollutant but an essential plant nutrient that we could have more of. What we don't want is smog producing particulate matter and sulfur dioxide fumes all of which can be captured in modern power stations. The smog problem was almost eliminated in London ages ago with the introduction of the Clean Air Act, whereby the domestic (uncontrolled) burning of coal for heating was banned. The controlled burning of coal in power stations largely overcame the smog problem.

So beware of Presidents of countries (eg USA), and the World Bank, or IMF or EU, or UN who use "Warmist terminology", and who spout forth nonsense propaganda about carbon pollution and climate change. Invariably they want your money, and support, but you'd be wise to tell them to get lost, for you can tell truth from fiction. Say NO to their political lies and humbug.