Thursday, June 9, 2016


CO2 is good stuff and is a beneficial atmospheric gas. Plants love it and CO2 is vital for the well being of the Biosphere. Our South Australian Premier Weatherill wants to reduce our production of CO2 on direction from the corrupt United Nations. He plans on Adelaide and SA having a low carbon economy. The bugger's mad....let's get rid of him and pursue a sane energy policy for the State. The same advice applies Federally, to PM Malcolm Turnbull......we don't need any restrictions on CO2 production to slow our economic growth.....CO2 is NOT a think restrictions are desirable is just agreeing with UN eco-religious bunkum. IPCC get lost.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


South Australia's power supply is in such a precarious position that blackouts are a certainty in the future. Greenie Premier Weatherill has allowed this to happen. Olinta Energy has closed down the Leigh Creek coal field that fed the two coal power stations at Port Augusta, and these too are closed with the loss of hundreds of jobs. Port Augusta is now the boxing ring for two companies, Solastor and Solar Reserve, to fight out who will build a billion dollar plus solar thermal power plant for the region.

I suggest we get the Federal Government to take over the power supply of South Australia because the Labor Government has proved to be so irresponsible and outright stupid in its management of the National Power grid. Wind farms are everywhere and these all need a base-level power backup for when the wind doesn't blow, so why build them in the first place? Answer, they are good money SCAMS for the developers.

The Port Augustans seem to want to be at the cutting edge of power development, and have already destroyed two coal power stations in their madness, so I suggest their town be the site of Australia's first nuclear power station. Tell these Solar Energy companies to get lost ....for we're going nuclear. The world's first commercial nuclear power station, Calder Hall, in the UK opened in 1956 and was decommissioned in 2003, but I'm not suggesting the Brits build one, get the Russians, who are experts at building small, modular nuclear power stations, and using them to power remote settlements in their vast Arctic Region, and these would be ideal for our desert mining towns.

We could make Adelaide the center of the Nuclear Industry in Australia, after all we have the world's largest uranium deposit in South Australia, at Olympic Dam. In the Flinders we could build our nuclear waste dump and help the world dispose of its radioactive waste that comes from us selling them uranium. Adelaide's universities would become world renown for teaching courses in nuclear technology, necessary to provide technicians to run the nuclear power stations found all over Australia.

What exciting times for Australia. Our PM Malcolm Turnbull will be so enthralled by this idea that he will be on the phone to Mr Putin to ask if the Russians have a spare 400MW nuclear reactor for Port Augusta and if so, please send it down before the lights go out. It will come on that huge Russian transport plane that recently visited Perth, the An 225, that carried a 120 ton electrical generator, We must inform the Port Augustans of this change in plan for South Australia's power get lost Greenies, Premier Weatherill, Dr Hewson, and the UN, for our PM Malcolm Turnbull has come to our rescue.
Regards from Allano.

PS: comment by Allano
The South Australian State Government has the responsiblity of supplying RELIABLE and CHEAP electricity to the whole of the State community is not doing this, but going off at a tangent by promoting some eco-religious anti-carbon bullshit that eminates from the Greens and United Nations. Greenie Premier Weatherill even took a film crew with him to the Paris IPCC Confernce, to record himself swanning around the big-name delegates. South Australians have had enough of stupid Weatherill.... we will not accept any more wind farms, and we have the right to expect ASAP reliable base-load power generation, NOT some airy-fairy experimental bird frying solar set-up now being considered.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


South Australia is doomed economically with Premier Weatherill demonizing the element CARBON.....has Weatherill every studied chemistry and learnt that CARBON is the most wonderful element in the Periodic Table and forms more compounds than ALL the every elements put together? You don't demonize carbon....carbon and CO2 must be cherished.

Premier Weatherill has foolish plans to make Adelaide the world's first carbon neutral city in the world. "We have already begun the transition to a low carbon economy" he says. The man's mad, like the former Premier Mike Rann, whose goal was to make South Australia the leader in renewable energy ......yes, we unfortunately have plenty of wind farms, and also the highest price for electricity, comparable to that in Germany. WRONG OBJECTIVE......sorry, we don't want any wind turbines.

He says "we have the ability to produce almost all our energy from clean and renewable sources and export this energy to the rest of Australia". The Premier is dreaming. Such an objective is a nonsense and dangerous. It is important and wise that any region have at least 50 % of electricity produced from base-load sources, like coal, gas and nuclear. Hydro power is valuable and can be used both for base-load and peak demand. In South Australia, it is crazy to rely so much on renewable, unreliable solar and wind energy.

What we need is a new Premier who will ignore the eco-religious bunkum promoted by the United Nations, OR he should educate himself on carbon chemistry by reading Australian geologist and Professor Ian Plimer's book " Heaven and Earth" (2009) which explains carbon chemistry, global warming and climate change. The same advice needs to be followed by failed pollie Dr Hewson, who advises Premier Weatherill on these energy matters. South Australians have had enough of our valuable resources being bastardized by these foolish Green loonies.
Regards from Allano

Monday, June 6, 2016


Behind that smiling friendly face of our Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, lies a sinister operation that will take Australia straight to the front of the queue to enslavement in the New World Order, or NWO,. promoted by the United Nations. All the pollies are frantically campaigning now for the double dissolution election, involving both Federal Senate and Lower House, to be held on July 2nd 2016.

Tactics from Obama's scheming book are being used....e.g.,let's confuse the people with silly transgender issues while we surreptitiously move forwards on our real objectives, unnoticed or rarely questioned. Where's that carpet to sweep things under, out of sight, out of mind of the voters, so that they will vote for me, thinks PM Lord Waffle of Wentworth Electorate. Obama can't be wrong and Lucy and I might get an invitation to dine at the White House.

The Liberal's traitorous trio have been hard at work viz., Turnbull, Greg Hunt and Gullilble Gertie (= Julie Bishop) signing away our sovereignty to the United Nations without our permission. Our "greenhouse gas emissions" apparently must be contained, or even reduced, which is puzzling to me, because CO2 is not a pollutant but a desirable component of the atmosphere and life blood of the Biosphere. There is even a rumour of collaboration with the Labor Party to bring in an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) after the election...that will please Goldman Sachs. Where is that carpet?

Big grin.....look guys, we have a real weakness in South Australia, so let's say we'll build 12 more submarines at the ASC in Adelaide (government owned ship yards)......that will give lots of jobs and make them feel happy, so they'll vote for us wonderful Liberals. BUT , Malcolm, we don't want any more subs....we are not planning on starting a war........we already have six homemade Collins class subs that don't work too well, so no more thank you.....not for 50 billion dollars cost, and I thought you said we were broke? Where's that carpet?

I forgot to mention,... Oh, there it is way back under the carpet, it's Mal's Defence White Paper and has some more expenditure......what's this contract to buy over 70 American F35 Strike Fighters, widely considered in aviation circles as a lemon, like the Ford Edsel, and is the most expensive fighter plane ever, no, stop, let's shove that back under the carpet.

Roll on this Federal Election.....there will be surprises for sure, but for whom?
Regards from Allano.

Sunday, June 5, 2016



It is comforting to live in the Brighton and Hove suburban region of Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, and on Dunrobin Road, which is named after the famous castle in Sutherland, Scotland. This post is to give support to the UKIP people who are working so hard to bring about success in the coming Referendum and BREXIT.

Every city and town in Australia and New Zealand has a war memorial honouring our fallen soldiers in past overseas conflicts. . At Brighton jetty we have the Arch of Remembrance with soldier's names for WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Malaya, and Borneo. Their sacrifice must not be in vain.

I was too young to go to war, but my two older brothers survived the WW2 North African campaigns, with Harry in the artillery, and Jim in the infantry, ending up spending 3 years in a German prisoner- of- war camp. Our NZ family was lucky, for many others didn't come back. We are very thankful to the Americans for protecting NZ and Australia in the Pacific whilst most of our soldiers were in Europe fighting Nazi Germany.

Boris Johnson MP and ex Mayor of London, likens the Brussels EU brigade to the dictators of the Nazi Germany, for they have achieved control of Europe by skullduggery without fighting a war. All 28 countries are worse off than they were when joining the union. They want OUT now......first the UK on the 23 of June, then maybe France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and so on, will follow suite.

The Commonwealth countries take a dim view of the British becoming subject to the stupid laws and regulations of the European Union, our former foe when Nazi Germany. We will always support you in trade and conflict if any, until you are free from this tyranny again, and ready to challenge the world with your know-how. Three Cheers for UKIP and BREXIT.
Regards from Allano

Saturday, June 4, 2016


According to ABC Online News, the renewable energy advocates (unfortunately) still lurk in Port Augusta, SA, by proposing a 1.2 billion dollar solar-thermal power station and other solar plants, thereby buggering up our energy supply problem which is in a great mess already. Why don't these idiots go away?....go back to the USA......we don't want them here in Australia.

Alinta Energy is closing down the two coal-fired power stations at Port Augusta and has already closed the open cut coal mine at Leigh Creek that fed the power stations. The result has been the loss of hundreds of jobs, leaving our SA State power supply in a precarious position. I wonder at the sanity of Labor and Greenie, Premier Mr Weatherill, to allow this to happen. It seems the SA guidance in energy supply matters comes direct from the United Nations which demonizes CARBON.

South Australia is littered with failed Green energy projects costing us a fortune.....yes, Professor Flannery has been here. He promoted and spent millions on deep geothermal drill holes which even a school boy would know was a crazy idea. Hush, hush...don't mention their stock market crash. It's all swept under the carpet.

Our beautiful landscape is covered in useless wind turbines, that ICON of the Green Movement, which rely on having a base load power supply constantly available, for when the wind doesn't blow (now via Interconnector cable from Victoria's coal power plants). We have the most expensive electricity in Australia. Also , don't mention our mothballed billion dollar desalination plant, built with State tax money, when Flannery said we would run out of freshwater, which we didn't.

South Australians are sick of their future being at the mercy of raving lunatics who follow the false eco-religious bunkum of the Greens and the United Nations.......Energy planners, just go away and allow some sane people develop the State's valuable energy resources. Goodbye Labor Premier Weatherill, please do retire, like former Premier and Greeny, Mike Rann,...we don't want you anymore.