Thursday, January 30, 2014

More heat wave conditions in Adelaide, South Australia

It's nice having fine cloudless days with blue sky but I wish it wasn't so hot. Yesterday, Thursday, reached 37 C degrees and the Met predicts daily maxima of 40, 42 and 43 degrees which takes us to Saturday, then there is a cool snap of 35 C on Monday coming. Incoming airplane passengers to Adelaide are given special notices on how to cope with the heat, which is sensible.

What is kept under wraps is the uselessness of wind farms to produce electricity during a heat wave, since calm conditions prevail just when we need that extra boost of electricity to meet an abnormal continuous peak demand. The powers that be keep VERY QUIET about their stupid decisions to promote wind farms which are just a SCAM. Also the turbines are a fire hazard and are prone to bursting into flames during these periods of intense heat. In Europe and North America wind farms are useless in times of intense cold when covered in snow and ice. This is why our electricity bills are so high. Let's get rid of wind farms altogether!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hot again today in South Australia ... that's our typical climate.

Australia Day at Adelaide, South Australia, by the beach at Brighton/Hove (like the UK) at 5pm outdoors it's 35 C (max predicted 38 C), humidity 10 %, clear blue sky and calm conditions. Inside my flat it's has been 25 to now 29 C (no air conditioning). Just reporting in.

Once again the calm conditions means only a dribble of electricity from the many wind farms (26+) in South Australia to (not) cope with the long peak demand for electricity driving air conditioners (ca 75% of houses). However, there is more than a dribble of Government cash flow to wind farm owners and renters of land upon which they are constructed, irrespective of whether the little power generated comes or not when you most want it.

This sorry predicament and scam we can blame on the past Labor Government, in particular ex-Premier Mike Rann who was a Greenpeace member and enthusiast of wind and solar power. Because of this our domestic power price is a very high 31 cents per kWhr when it could be half that if the State had relied only coal and gas fueled power plants.

It's not too late change track and get rid of the wind farms. This March 15th State Election is the opportunity for the Liberals (Oz) to toss out the present Labor Government of Jay Weatherall and to implement a NEW ENERGY POLICY designed to give us cheaper electricity domestically and for industry. Happy New Year from Allano.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Heat Wave Conditions Show Uselessness of Wind Farms

This week the southern part of Australia is subject to an intense heat wave with 5 consecutive days predicted to be 40 C starting yesterday (Monday). Temperature in Adelaide yesterday reached 42 C and is predicted to be the same today Tuesday, with Melbourne at 43 degrees, and with night minimums around 25 to 29 C. Wow!

These high temperatures create a continuous high peak demand for electricity to run air conditioners so that people can keep cool night and day, BUT poke your nose outdoors and you will find CALM conditions. Not a breath of wind to drive the wind turbines, which are quite useless under heat wave conditions.

The conclusion is that wind farms exist purely for the benefit of the wind farm owners and land renters while the proletariat and industry have to put up with an exorbitant electricity price of 31 cents per kWhr. The Coalition has on election day, 15th of March, the opportunity to win the South Australian State election and DO SOMETHING about stopping the promotion of wind farms = wind SCAMS.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

South Australia 15th March 2014 State Election is the opportunity to change direction and achieve a prosperous future

SA must have plans to achieve LOWER prices for electricity, water, gas and hydrocarbon fuels if it is to have a viable and prosperous future. Are the SA Liberals capable of doing this? (Oz Liberals not US). I am not sure, which is why I write this blog to nudge them in the right direction.

For a decade or more the State has suffered from the application of the renewable energy nonsense of former Premier Mike Rann. South Australia unfortunately is now leading the country in renewable energy (wind and solar), also promoted by the Greens, which is why the State, like Tasmania, is economically stuffed and cost of electricity is so high (31 cents per kWhr in Adelaide). This political direction of demonizing carbon and imposing legislation limiting "greenhouse gas emissions" promoted by Labor and Greens must STOP and be replaced by a scientifically sensible ENERGY POLICY, devised without Green bunkum. (Ditto water policies)

The Federal change of repealing the Carbon Tax and Mining Tax later this year will be a welcome great step forwards. State wise it is essential to STOP giving permits for construction of wind farms which are just a SCAM. Liberals take notice: NO MORE WIND FARMS PERIOD. Also, subsidies to existing wind farms must be phased out over 5 years and plans made for their demolition, removal, and landscape restored to its former attractiveness.

Plans for subsidizing any large scale solar plants (eg Port Pirie) should be scrapped as being expensive and un-necessary. Existing coal-fired plants can be expanded and modernized with expansion and development of the States coal resources. The possibility of importing coal from the Eastern States needs to be studied. This is just the beginning ... watch this space. Cheers Allano

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Nature takes no notice of the "ship of fools" trapped in the sea ice of Antarctica

A week has gone by and the ship of fools carrying warmist scientists and their followers are still trapped in the sea ice of Antarctica. The 1.5 million dollar expedition was to commemorate the "Spirit of Mawson" the Australian explorer to the region 100 years ago. The scientific data gathered was to compare the changes over 100 years and show how the ice of Antarctica is melting away due to global warming!

The sad thing is their ship is trapped in the sea ice and the weather is so bad that attempts at rescue have failed. I predict that eventually they will all be rescued by helicopter and the ship be abandoned, to eventually sink, as did happen with a similar cruise in 2007, with MV Explorar to commemorate the "Spirit of Shackleton".

The moral to the story is it is best to give Professors of Climate Change (Leader of expedition) a wide berth and believe the opposite of what they say, which on average will be nearer the truth of the matter.

In Australia we have many academics of warmist belief who have advised mainly Labor Governments with dud predictions on climate change which have cost us billions in unnecessary expenses, of un-need desalination plants instead of more dams, of countless useless wind farms instead of further developing our extensive coal resources to fuel power stations.

Yesterday's Australian newspaper records that Prof Tim Flannery, a notoriously dud climate change campaigner, says "the Coalition Government is not serious about taking action on climate change and the need to take steps to reduce carbon pollution." He is quite right of course. Also he uses the crap jargon of the warmist and is the cause of State and Federal Governments wasting billions of tax payer's money on dud infrastructure.

Happy New Year to all from Allano