Wednesday, October 30, 2013

California further on the skids

How not to have a prosperous state! Alan Caruba spells out the economic follies of California in his blog "facts not fantasy" Because of restrictive Green policies the cost of doing business in California is 30% higher than in neighboring states. Business and workers are leaving for more prosperous regions of the USA. The Green CA Government are planning to have 33% of the state's energy coming from wind and solar at a cost of $114 billion! This is even crazier than the UK and David Cameron's energy policy.

We are fortunate in Australia to at last have a sensible conservative Coalition Government with Tony Abbott as Prime Minister. Only 50 days have gone and Labor/Green policies are now on the chopping board. The carbon tax and mining tax (super profits) are top priority to be abolished. Already the Climate Change Department has been given the "heave-ho" and good riddance to them. Watch this space for more good news.