Friday, October 31, 2014

C NEWS: New China Bank invite gets cool reply in Canberra

Business has backed PM Tony Abbott's decision to turn down China's invitation to join a $50 billion regional bank, or BRICS BANK. Treasurer Joe Hockey was for Australia joining but was out manouvered in Cabinet on this matter. It seems a strange decision to make when we are still negotiating a free trade agreement with China?

Australia needs to make it easier for China to invest in our infrastructure and mining developments so as to ensure the continuity of our exports to them. Other nations such as Brazil, and in Africa, will soon take up the slack if we do not go down this path. Diversification of our financial resources must be a good thing, rather than be continually associated with the IMF and UN's World Bank which are dominated by the US and used to promote bizarre climate change propaganda.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

C News: Two wrongs don't make a right..with action on climate change.. or the art of compromise.

The Federal Coalition is pleased to get its Direct Action policy on Climate Change passed thru the Senate yesterday with the help of Clive Palmer's PUP amendments to it. Clive had previously maintained that Direct Action was a waste of money, ditto the Labor and Greens Parties. I too think that this is the case. However, the problem is broader and more complex than first seems.

Palmer has insisted with his amendments that the Coalition maintains in existence the Climate Change Authority headed by Bernie Fraser, and this is to research a report on Emission Trading Schemes operational in all countries of the world. The Coalition initially wanted to scrap the CC Authority (and still does) but it has negotiated this deal with Palmer. i.e. Pass our Direct Action scheme and we will maintain the CC Authority until the next election

In my opinion, these are the two wrongs on climate change legislation. Ideally, we don't need either.

I say ideally, because the Coalition has to have an understandable Climate Change policy to counter that of the Labor and Greens. At least Direct Action plan, earmarked at 2 1/2 billion, is flexible in scope and dollar amount. In the future, once the populace has realized that the sky hasn't fallen in, and global temperatures have not risen, then Direct Action can be phased out and money channeled to more deserving activities. Ditto the Climate Change Authority which is an icon organization coveted by the Greens and warmists to promote propaganda we don't need.

In conclusion, the way ahead on climate change legislation is not ideal, but it is better than what it was. Further advances rely on education of the populace that the world is not coming to an end, and that emissions of CO2 are a good thing for the biosphere. The idea promoted by the UN and EU that we must move to a low carbon economy by reducing our emissions of CO2 is bunkum and unsupported by scientific evidence.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

C NEWS: and we don't want Direct Action either.

Coalition Federal politicians announce that their Direct Action plan to combat climate change will be introduced before the end of the year. The Coalition has been successful in removing Labor's ridiculous Carbon Tax and now bemoan the fact that they do not have a "climate change" policy in force!!! Oh dear! Will we ever get politicians who think for themselves and are real leaders of the free world, instead of ones that grovel to support the eco-religious bunkum of the left?

The Direct Action scheme was devised to counter Labor's Carbon Tax and show that this was a better alternative way of reducing greenhouse emissions (or CO2) and so save the world from global warming. Essentially the scheme promotes planting trees in order to fix the unwanted emissions of human induced CO2 from burning carbon fuels. It is true that this is better than having a disastrous Carbon Tax, but all it does is preserve the confused thinking of the left about climate change.

Firstly, if you want to absorb excess atmospheric CO2 why not plant crops, or something we can eat, instead of trees? Farmers are quite capable of planting trees without Federal Government help.

We are NOT going to alter "climate change" by Government Policy. Climate has ALWAYS changed, is changing NOW, and for ever will be changing until the Earth ends up a dead planet like Mars. Let's be thankful we live on a dynamic planet and so realize that "climate change" is a GOOD THING and is to be cherished. Politicians should get lost on this matter, or else improve their minds by studying Geology 101.

Fortunately climate change alarmism is on the wan. It is a cult promoted by the Labor and Greens to hoodwink the public into voting for them. Civilizations in the past have had to cope with climate change. The Egyptians, Mayans and Incas spring to mind. About 1450 AD, after experiencing years of drought in what is now Peru, the Incas devised a policy of sacrificing virgin maidens on the summits of high Andean volcanoes, to appease the Rain God.

If you go to Arequipa, Peru, in a museum you will find the "Ice Maiden" named "Juanita" preserved in a refrigerated display case. She was recovered from the summit of Volcan Ampato (6309 metres) by mountaineers in 1995. Since then two other ice mummies have been found on tops of Andean volcanoes. Perhaps we could offer Mt Kosciusko to Labor and the Greens to fine-tune their climate change policy?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

C NEWS: STOP pussy-footing around with the RET

The RET (Renewable Energy Target) must be abolished. It is based on eco-religious bunkum devised by the warmists of the Labor and Greens Parties, and reluctantly supported by some Liberals with shaky seats to uphold. We have far too many useless wind farms as it is in SA which only increases the domestic cost of electricity. In South Australia, (unfortunately the Wind farm capital of Australia) run by an equally useless Labor Government, the current price of electricity is 32 cents/kWhr !!!! which is over twice the average cost in the USA, and is comparable to Germany. This is because it seems any dodgy wind farm promoter can get the go-ahead to build monstrous towers on our landscape and feed the dribble of electricity into the national grid, whether we or anybody wants it or not. Pox on them , I say. Go and use your feeble supply of electricity to boil your kettle if that's possible..

We do NOT need to move our economy to a low carbon one. This is a nonsense idea promoted by the EU, UN, also Obama's US. God forbid it! Use of carbon in the form of coal, gas and petroleum for energy production is why we now now have a very prosperous world. The emissions of CO2 have benefited the biosphere considerably and our crop yields are continually rising. CO2 is NOT a pollutent!! GET RID OF THE RET and all its associated legislation. It is bunkum.

Monday, October 13, 2014

C NEWS: Who can afford ELECTRICITY today???

ELECTRICITY PRICE: Ive just opened my electricity bill from Origin Energy, South Australia. For the winter quarter I expected it to be high but not that high, a $100 more than normal. The domestic price ranges from 31.7 to mostly at 33.8 cents/kWh !!!! which is exorbitant. This is as high as in Germany and almost double the average price in the USA.

It is high time in South Australia we got rid of all the useless wind farms and associated pollies and councillors who think they are "saving the planet" by promoting so called "renewable energy". Pox on them. What is the Liberal Party doing about it? They seem as devious as the Labor Party. We need an Aussie UKIP in SA, I think. Cheers, from Allano