Thursday, August 30, 2012

List of BUZZ WORDS QE, or "Quantitative Easing" is added to the list.

When the economy is stuffed up, such as it is in most Western democracies, the lefty politicians and the media tell us we are going through a period of "Negative Growth" which they will remedy by "Quantitative Easing" This translates to making the economy worse by the Fed printing fake money. Buzz words abound in the eco-religious world of carbon emissions q.v.

"CARBON" = CARBON DIOXIDE EMISSIONS are our friend and must be cherished and put to good use. The idea of the need to head to a low-carbon economy is just eco-religious bunkum and must be ignored.

In Australia, we don't have to follow, like lemmings, the socialists of the EU over the cliff to economic failure. Last century was plagued with two European wars which we won, yet we have not learnt our lesson, and that is to ignore/quarantine all the political/eco-religious bunkum that originates from the European, EU region. Let them stew in their own stupidity and so not spread their false ideology around the world.

Australians (and Americans)must not be blind and gullible followers of those fraudsters out to rip off the system, be it in banking or energy production, doing it in the name of promoting renewable energy no matter what the cost, in order to "Save the Earth", so they say. Their ideology is contiguous with specially designed and deceptive GREEN BUZZ WORDS which are used all the time to conceal the truth and confuse the layman. It all started with "global warming" then it progressed to:
climate change
carbon footprint
clean coal
carbon sequestration
clean energy
wind farms
carbon pollution
carbon tax
gay marriage
healthy river
ocean acidification
QE, quantitative easing
negative growth, and on it goes, by design and not by accident.

All of these double banger GREEN BUZZ WORDS are designed to confuse the issue and deceive the public. Even "gay marriage" ! the homosexuals have already buggared up the meaning of the formerly respectable word "gay", so at least let's keep meaning of the word "marriage" the way it has always been, i.e., the special legal relationship between a man and a woman... is that too much to ask for?

"Carbon sequestration" never really got off the ground because hardly anybody understood what sequester meant (=to seclude or set aside). The idea of burying underground all the CO2 emissions from a coal-fired power station could only be viewed with enthusiasm by a demented Greens supporter.

Ever tried to buy wind from a "wind farm"? A more accurate name for a collection of wind turbines is a WIND SCAM.

QE, or quantitative easing,is a favorite buzz word of lefty economists used to white-wash the Fed printing of fake money.

"Ocean acidification" is another Buzz Word, like "global warming", that is used to scare people. Rising atmosphere CO2 levels is said to raise the CO2 level in sea water making it acid, which will cause our Great Barrier Reef to dissolve up and ruin our tourist industry. Big Scare!!! Actually, it is all bunkum. Sea water is the world's largest buffer solution and has high dissolved Na and Ca. The pH is remarkably stable at an ALKALINE value of 8.1 so there is no risk of it becoming acid (except at an undersea volcanic vent).

In Australia the Federal Labor Government of PM Julia has recently enacted a ridiculous CARBON TAX at $23/tonne of Carbon emissions, which is total insanity. Federal Labor exists on another planet and actually believe all the mind-contracted eco-religious bunkum that is promoted by the Greens and EU pollies and the United Nations. All of these ideas and derived policies should be tossed in the garbage. One reason being that it is all a great insult to the wonderful element CARBON, which is vital for all life forms, and it makes more compounds than together ALL the other elements in the Periodic Table. How dare they demonize CARBON!

In Australia, the first thing to do is to vote out of existence this awful and dangerous Federal Government of PM Julia & her ignorant eco-followers especially Combet, Wong, Swan, Burke, Emerson et al. Then will come the task of the Coalition to repair all the economic damage they have done.

My friends in America will soon will have to choose between Obama/Biden and Romney/Ryan? Who wants another 4 years of the Obama disaster? I suggest you count up how often each candidate uses these deceptive GREEN BUZZ WORDS and vote for the candidate who uses the LEAST of them, since these words have incorporated within them a high concentration of bunkum, bull, baloney what ever you like to call it (=lies). Allano