Saturday, August 18, 2012

Whether "Bunkum" or "Bull" we don't want any of it.

The new science of "Bullology" is firmly established and is a popular development in Australia (similar to the American "bunkumology"). It includes the study at the micro- and macro- level of the promotion of bull (a shortened form of bullshit) in the country, its variability with time and geography etc and concentration by means of recording (daily, weekly or monthly) the use of GREEN BUZZ WORDS, such as carbon pollution, climate change, clean coal, gay marriage, ocean acidification, healthy river and many more invented Green combo-words. Bull, for measuring purposes, is loosely defined as the use of deceptive buzz words for gaining or retaining political power and/or financial advantage and/or to create alarmism.

Preliminary findings on Australian political Parties are that concentration of bull increases exponentially on going from National to Liberal to Labor to Independents to Greens. Americans take note that our Liberal = US Republican and Labor = US Democrat. It would be interesting to hear of the variability of "bunkum" in the US political parties.

Other organizations may require a new scale, having a possibly logarithmic relation to the Political Party one. Studies are in progress on the media eg BBC, ABC and the CSIRO, Met Office and Royal Society. Progress reports on this research will be listed in this Carbon Cycle blog.