Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Federal & State Labor have NO CONTROL over future Australia .. it's open slather by the radical groups.

Labor has NO CONTROL over important matters that concern our financial well being. Our northern borders are wide open to anyone that turns up in a leaky boat wanting a free taxi service to our shores, at enormous cost to us for transport, processing and accommodation.

Similarly, with regard to energy and electricity, there is open slather by renewable energy companies wanting and getting subsidies to produce very expensive electricity using solar and wind energy. None of these renewable energy sources can operate without the backup of existing coal & gas fired power stations, due to their intermittent operating nature. They are a great waste of money when we have the coal resources to produce cheap electricity for hundreds of years.

Wind farm companies should be told to get lost and not given licenses to operate, or shut off any subsidies to them.

The source of all the trouble is the Renewable Energy Target (RET)legislation which specifies that 20% of electricity by 2020 must come from renewables like wind farms and solar. This has resulted in a large development of wind farms producing a costly dribble of electricity at random times not to be relied upon for peak demand. South Australia alone has 28 wind farms despoiling our countryside and creating a fire hazard in drought times. State Governments must stop the subsidized development of wind farms and solar, and concentrate on further development of coal and gas resources for electricity supply.

RET bill must be revoked, or neutralized by changing the target date from 2020 to 2200. Similarly, to be scrapped, would be all legislation based on the demonization of the element carbon for reason that carbon dioxide represents atmospheric pollution, which is a nonsense promoted by the eco-religous Labor/Green warmist brigade.