Thursday, August 9, 2012

How high does your Electricity Bill go before you vote out these idiot Labor/Green pollies?

The continued price rise of electricity is now our top concern and there is much buck passing about who is responsible .. the States or the Labor Federal Government, and the power companies are pummeled also, and of course Tony Abbott,who wisely mentions the carbon tax: he is the primary cause of all Labor's problems, thought by some. However, I smell a rat ....there is much, much, bunkum on the air waves, waiting to be absorbed by the gullible voter.

The BUZZ words are "network charges" and "intfrastructure deficit" and many more, which hide a multitude of Labor's fiascos. These Labor Governments and their civil servant followers explain it all by the cost of renewing infrastructure, ie the poles and cables needed for distribution of power. BUT, have you noticed there is not a word about the requirement (unnecessary) to bring into the national system all the useless wind farms (28 in South Australia alone) with their random dribble of electricity which means miles and miles of new cables, poles and monitors to provide "renewable energy" as mandated by the ridiculous Renewable Energy Target (RET) bill (ie 20% electricity from renewable sources by 2020). The Labor/Greenies are quite mad with regard to energy supply and most things else (eg water supply).

The actual cost of renewable energy, which is now forced upon us, is many times more than energy traditionally available from coal and gas-fired powered stations, which have served us well for the last 100 years, before the Greens decided that they know best how we should live. I say POX on them. It is time that we told the Greens and their Labor comrades to GET LOST.