Thursday, October 11, 2012

South Australia ENERGY and WATER policies ... Concentrated madness.

Yesterday I got my quarterly electricity bill from Origin Energy and note with dismay a 20% increase, due to the charge rate going from 25 cents/KWH to now 30 cents, which is one of the highest rates in the Western world. The Labor pollies & bureaucrats smother us with spin explaining it is necessary and normal. What bunkum!

First defense is that it is due to necessary infrastructure repairs and development. Bollocks. This is a half truth twisted to cover their backside. The disastrous promotion of wind farms, (28 in South Australia so far) has meant a restructuring of the power grid which would have been unnecessary if there were NO wind farms, which is a superior state to be in. Each wind farm requires almost a 100% backup from conventional power stations, either gas or coal-fueled which have to be on standby for when the wind doesn't blow, which more often than not is during peak demand and heat waves. So you might just as well NOT build a wind farm since the backup has to be there running anyway. Alternatively, you could dig a hole and bury your investment money for same result.

South Australia has large coal and gas resources sufficient to last 100 years or more without worries. It is essential to rid the state of the present Labor Government which has shown itself to be so incompetent in energy management and water management. The ridiculous building of an unneeded 100 GL desalination plant & pipeline costing over $2 billion is a glaring example of their stupidity. Likewise is the Premier Weatheral promoting a nonsensical "healthy river" solution to the Murray Darling Basin plan. The major problem for the Basin is the SA Government's mismanagement of the Lower Lakes and their demand for them always to be fresh water no matter what the climate and cost. This is just eco-religious madness.

A PROSPEROUS Australia can only be achieved by ridding the country of the present Labor Governments, Federal and State, since they are driven by an anti-carbon belief system which is a nonsense scientifically. Next the RET bill must be rescinded or neutralised by changing the target date from 2020 to year 2200. The Carbon tax and mining profits tax must be eliminated in the first year of the Coalition Government lead by Tony Abbott.

What bunkum and spin Labor promotes trying to justify these new taxes which stifle our private enterprise and investment!! We must redistribute the mining wealth generated they say, forgetting that their misguided actions will kill the golden goose. It is much better to leave things as they were, since if and when there are "super profits" the benefits are distributed widely as dividends and capital gains to shareholders, including superannuation funds held by all workers throughout Australia. Regards to all. Allano