Saturday, May 26, 2018


Australia is sliding to its economic doom with the present greedy and stupid mob of pollies at the helm. Their priorities are all wrong. These pollies feed at the Government trough which seems to have a direct link to their bank accounts. They are so far out on a limb of the tree of largesse they will never voluntary come back. However, there is an inkling that something is seriously wrong when we see the rise of the Independent pollies, such as One Nation, the Australian Conservatives, ALA, and the Monash Forum, et al.
We are not alone in this battle against idiocy and political skulduggery found in Western democracies. This serious blight is even more of a problem in the UK and the US. At least in the US they have a good Leader as President, in Mr Trump, who is slowly making progress in demolishing the charlatans in opposition, Sosna, a Trump analyst, says today: "The rope is slowly being tightened against the throats of all the big time swamp creatures". The swamp is being drained in the USA. We haven't even started draining the swamp in Canberra.
Our Australian economy is controlled by stupid Green pollies who support and promote the anti-carbon propaganda of the corrupt United Nations, with its ridiculous RETS, or Renewable Energy Targets. They work for the Ministry of Energy and the Environment, and are found in the Prime Minister's Office. We are being controlled by a foreign power and the instigators are not even "dual citizens". Ha ha ha … are being hoodwinked by a clever lawyer. Next you will be having a Republic, and next you will have a country controlled by Muslims. That is the future installed for us, unless you do something to stop it.
Regards from Allano.

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