Monday, May 21, 2018


RETS or the Renewable Energy Targets , are ridiculous targets promoted by the United Nations for countries, or States, to achieve in order to lower Green House Gas Emissions. It is ridiculous because the UN's anti-carbon ideology is a mythology based on false anti-carbon propaganda. The UN promotes this idea to LOWER the CO2 in the atmosphere, whereas in actual fact we need MORE CO2 gas in the atmosphere, to foster better plant growth in the biosphere, for our crops, plants and forests.
RETS must be abolished. Instead, we must consider CO2 as good stuff and not be alarmed about it increasing in the atmosphere. The plants love it and so should you.
Market gardeners use their glass houses with atmospheres having well over 1000ppm, ditto in submarines.and space craft. If we are going to have a goal, let's have a new GOAL, that being a PRICE of electricity GOAL to strive for. Let that be the average domestic price for electricity in the USA, which is about 15 cents/kwhr. The present price in Australia is 2 to 3 times this, and so is the highest in the World.
So this is our new PRICE OF ELECTRICITY GOAL. No subsidies allowed. If the USA can do it, so can Australia. Fire the silly buggers who say we can't. They mostly work in the Ministry of Energy and the Prime Minister's Office.
Regards from Allano.

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