Wednesday, May 16, 2018


I have heard of "Peak Oil" and now we have to deal with the concept of "Peak Climate Change" which all stems from the ACT's version of climate change and sustainability, which is what they call their Ministry….to me they operate on another planet.
The problem seems to originate from the Rudd - Gillard era when Labor ruled the roost and climate change was considered to be the greatest threat to mankind. So we got enslaved by the "Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act 2010". What has happened since then is bureaucracy has blossomed and the then newly formed Climate Council has regularly submitted reports to the Minister of Climate Change, ACT, and Greens. Apparently, no one has bothered to inform them that this is no longer the case i.e., that climate change has, let's say, receded into the background as a serious threat to human beings.
Therefore, it is high time to abolish this "CC and GHG Reduction Bill 2010" because in actual fact we need to INCREASE the level of CO2 in our atmosphere, and so allow the healthy and more vigorous growth of plants, crops and forests etc, known as the biosphere by scientists.
Sorry, pollies, but you got it wrong. We no longer require your UN inspired anti-carbon propaganda. We don't believe your mythology to do with global warming. Please return this bunkum to the sender. Also, take with you your RETS, or Renewable Energy Targets, for they are not wanted either. We must have Australia FREE to pursue its own course for a prosperous future.
Regards from Allano.

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