Friday, October 26, 2018


and how to solve it.
It is necessary to unravel past mistakes. It has long been recognized that Australian energy policies have been devised and run by charlatans and raving Green lunatics. The only way forward to achieve cheap power and overall prosperity for the country as a whole is to stop this investment in renewables (wind and solar) i.e., allow no more subsidies of 2 to 3 billion per year.
Get rid of RETS, which are a UN devised nonsense designed to ruin our economic development through lowering of Greenhouse gas emissions. This is a bullshit UN mythology concocted to save the world from global warming, when geologists say we are long over due to move into another Ice Age.
The solution to the energy problem is as follows:
(1) Tell the UN to go to hell.
(2) Use your OWN brains to solve any problem.
(3) Develop our COAL, GAS and HYDRO resources to generate electricity,
(4) Phase out all useless wind farms and large solar plants (and the fools that promote them).
(5) Start a nuclear power industry and have one nuclear power station in each State. It's all very simple. Get doing it. This is free advice from Allano

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