Thursday, April 5, 2018

(Memories from 31 March 2017)

The Labor Government of Premier Weatherill wallows in it's death throws as it endeavours to overcome the power crisis of its own making by reliance on renewables. The Premier is determined to go down in flames because he takes sane advice from nobody. Sanity to SA Labor is like pouring water on a duck's back.

His latest bizarre project is to contract the Lyon Group to build a battery and solar farm in the Riverland at Morgan costing $1 billion, according to ABC News. This is the most stupid idea possible. In SA we want more base-load power best generated by a coal-fired power station of 500 to1000.MW size. We don't want ANY MORE renewable energy power sources and the associated risk they involve.

Large solar plants are NOT appropriate for SA for many reasons. The panel array could be wiped out in half-an-hour by a thunderstorm, high winds and hail stones, and then we would be up Shit Creek without a panel/paddle. Every summer we get dust storms which coat solar panels and my car with RED DUST, which makes car wash businesses very busy, even in Adelaide. Solar plants are NOT WEATHERPROOF. We certainly DO NOT WANT this thought bubble of our crazy Premier to get off the ground…..God help us.

How can we STOP this power and financial stupidity in South Australia? Premier Weatherill, please get lost and take all your bizarre Greeny ideas with you. You are not wanted in South Australia.

Regards from Allano.

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