Sunday, June 3, 2012

Labor's Toxic Carbon Tax is Crazy; based on Lies and is Just Blatant Thievery

On the 1st of July this incompetent Labor Government of PM Julia brings in a Carbon Tax on some 500 businesses (the so called big polluters) of $23 per ton of CO2 emitted!!!How ridiculous can you get???

I am still hopeful that this awful lying Labor Government will be tossed out on its ear before the end of this June month, probably never to return for ages.

How dare this Labor Government deliberately demonize the element CARBON which is the most wonderful element in the Periodic Table. Carbon is the basis of all life on Earth and forms more compounds than all the other elements put together. The Biosphere is made of CARBON and carbon dioxide is used by plants, crops and trees to build their structures. If atmospheric CO2 levels drop below 200 ppm our plants will die out. Currently atmospheric CO2 is at about 388 ppm and exhibits a few ppm increase annually. We need MORE CO2 in the atmosphere, not less. Plant hot houses, submarines and space craft regularly have atmospheres with 1000 ppm CO2 or more, to their advantage.

The idea promoted by some Western World Governments that we must move rapidly to a low carbon economy and so reduce our emissions of CO2 is just bunkum. There is no need for this move as our coal and gas resources are plentiful. Also the idea that CO2 emissions by man are causing climate change of worrying proportions is also a nonsense.

The way out of the present economic/financial malaise of Europe and the US (also Oz) is to remove ALL legislation that is based on the lie that the element CARBON is the bad guy and atmospheric CO2 must be reduced. Some wise countries are already starting to do this. In Australia we have made a start in Queensland after the last state election when we tossed out the Labor Government. We need a Churchillian effort to stifle the influence of these people whose aim it is to destroy our future prosperity, viz Labor, Greens and some Independents. Go to it. Allano