Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wind Farm Madness in South Australia Continues

SOUTH AUSTRALIA continues in its Green political madness by approving a 150 turbine wind farm at Millicent, near Mt Gambier in the State's SE. This expensive Green legacy of former Premier Mike Rann continues unabated with the new Premier Jay Weatherall. It seems that only by voting out this wasteful State Labor Government can sanity be restored with regard to Energy Policy (and Water Policy). The sooner the better.

The uneconomic nature of wind farms has been well documented. They require 100% backup from conventional electricity generators such as coal or gas fired power stations. They exist due to Government subsidies that have come about due to the mistaken believe that they lower greenhouse gas emissions (which they don't) and greenhouse gas emissions are not a worry anyway, since CO2 is NOT a pollutant.

SOUTH AUSTRALIA must stop allowing wind farms to be built. Subsidies for doing so must be removed. Existing wind farms must be phased out and our countryside restored to its former glory. Such work can be classified as "Green jobs" and earmarked for those unemployed Green supporters. This Green icon is not wanted in South Australia. Let's make South Australia a WINDMILL FREE State and become more prosperous by doing so. Some useful links are:

"Myths about Renewable Energy" by T Caldwell HERE
"Disadvantages of Using Wind Energy" by Allano HERE

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