Tuesday, May 29, 2012

South Australia power supply? Coal and Uranium are the best bet.

SOUTH AUSTRALIA: lots of talk-back radio discussions on replacing/upgrading the Port Augusta old Playford A & B coal-fired power station (ca 330MW) with natural gas, or, the lady Mayor wants a solar-gas plant. The Playford plant was built in 1950's and the nearby Northern Power station (coal) of 520 MW was commissioned in 1985. The coal comes from the Leigh Ck coal field ca 280 kms north by dedicated rail link, mining ca 2.5 million tonnes annually.

Will the best decision be made???? God help us in SA!! Already the state is bristling with useless wind farms thanks to former Premier Mike Rann, and our power bills continually escalate. We have an unwanted/unneeded $2 billion desalination plant unfinished and earmarked to run on expensive power from windmills. We have the present Premier Jay Weatherall ignoring the MISMANAGEMENT of the Lower Lakes and how this stuffs up the management of the WHOLE of the Murray Darling Basin.

My suggestion for the future SA power supply, and this should be on the table for review and costing, is as follows: (it's is devoid of eco-BS). The existing Pt Augusta power stations which are coal-fired can be modernized and continued to use Leigh Ck coal. I am assuming that PM Julia's Labor Government and Carbon tax will be voted out ASAP, if not sooner. What Pt Augusta has now with its power stations are a very valuable asset producing the cheapest electricity.

Another prime site for a coal-fired power plant is where the desalination plant is located south of Adelaide (formerly an oil refinery site). A 500 MW plant could be built there with coal shipped in from the East Coast. It could power the desalination plant (God forbid!) and Adelaide city during heat waves etc.

Also, as I suggested and submitted to BHP about the power supply for the Olympic Dam mine expansion, was the idea having a nuclear power station there, building up in stages of say 250 MW to maybe 1000 MW eventually to power electrification of the Adelaide to Darwin rail link plus all the new mining activity in the region.

If you let the Federal and SA State Governments be run by eco-religious socialists you get what you voted for ... ever increasing power and water bills and poverty for the workers and pensioners. Do something about it! Allano