Thursday, June 14, 2012

Australian Electricity Prices Increase due to Green Policies

The impending hike in electricity at the end of this month (10 to 18%) is in South Australia, largely due to the State's embrace and promotion of "Green Energy" such as solar panels and wind farms, all greatly subsidized. Apparently this is necessary to save the Earth from global warming by reducing emissions of Greenhouse gases. Also there is the new CARBON TAX component to worry about due to come in on the 1st July.

It is high time the underlying false premise that CO2 emissions equate with "pollution" be exposed as bunkum, and all restrictive legislation based on it be declared null and void. This would include the RET Bill (renewable energy target being 20% by 2020), however this could easily be amended by changing the 2020 date to year 2200 which would give nearly 200 years for renewable energy technology to be developed. The Federal Governments demonizing of the 500 so-called "big polluters" in industry must stop.

Whats the big hurry anyway? Australia has coal and gas reserves to last hundreds of years. First lets vote out this incompetent and dangerous Labor/Green Federal Government ASAP. Allano