Friday, December 6, 2013

Barossa Wind Farm Project .. Get Lost

Pacific Hydro has planned a wind farm at Keyneton, South Australia. The site is located 6 km west of Sedan and 10 km SE of Angaston and runs about 15 kms North to South along the Mount Lofty Ranges. An application was submitted to the SA Development Assessment Commission (DAC) seeking approval of 42 turbines having a maximum height of 145.5 meters from the ground to the tip of the blade when vertical.

There were many objections by community groups in the Barossa Region with concerns about noise and health problems. The Labor Planning Minister John Rau says that the EPA studied noise levels and that there was no detectable concern, therefore approval has been given.

My advice to Pacific Hydro is to get lost and take all your wind farms with you. We don't want you or ANY of your wind farms (=WIND SCAMS) in South Australia.

Wind farms are just a scam that should NOT be allowed in South Australia. We should develop our extensive gas and coal resources for electricity generation and explore the use of nuclear power since in South Australia we have the largest uranium mine in the world. It is crazy of the present Labor Government to allow more wind farms to be built. Next March the state elections will allow the populace to vote out of office this Labor Premier Jay Weatherill and replace him and his hopeless Government with an adult and sensible Liberal Government. (Oz Liberal not US).

The new Coalition Government after March must stop all future wind farm developments and start to phase out Government subsidies to existing wind farms (ca 24) with the idea of demolishing them all within a decade. The turbines can be converted to scrap metal and their sites restored to the former pristine countryside. Wind farms need ca 100% backup by gas turbine generators so now electricity production will continued to be produced by burning gas and coal. The CO2 emissions are not pollution and will greatly benefit the biosphere and agriculture. A suitable goal would be to get the domestic price down to 20 cents/kWhr instead of the present 31 cents.

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