Saturday, December 21, 2013


A prosperous future for South Australia lies in getting energy (electricity) costs down preferably by HALF what it is today i.e. down to 15 cents per kWh from the present 31 cents which has come about mainly by the Labor Government subsidizing wind farms and solar panels. Promoting wind and solar is a very expensive way of getting a dribble of "green electricity" often when you don't need it, and this must be stopped if we want a prosperous future.

We must preserve and modernize our existing coal-fired power plants at Port Augusta and expand production and development of our coal resources beyond the Leigh Creek operation. Shipping coal in from NSW or Queensland could be considered as a possible option.

A new Coalition Government for SA in March must stop the present Labor's idiotic unbridled promotion of expensive renewable energy projects. I hear that a $40 million grant is being considered for a FEASIBILITY study of a thermal solar plant for Port Augusta! It is high time these Green cowboys were given their marching orders out of our state so that a sensible energy policy can be followed exploiting our extensive coal and gas resources for electricity generation. Merry Xmas from Allano

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