Monday, November 25, 2013

Very costly electricity in South Australia

South Australia's promotion of renewable energy by its Labor Governments (Premiers Mike Rann and now Jay Weatherill) has resulted in the State having the most costly electricity for domestic and industry supply. My last power bill was calculated at 31cents/kWhr, a rate which is double that in the USA. The reason is the ridiculous expenditure on subsidizing wind farms (=WIND SCAMS) and domestic solar panels. All the wind farms need backing up from gas-fueled power stations so why build them in the first place? Answer,is they are just a SCAM to squeeze money from the Government for providing a dribble of electricity at times when we least need it.

The Advertiser today (26/11/13) has an article "We are in a power of debt" which reveals in South Australia, unpaid energy bills total more than $30 million and that figure is only to grow. The Australian Energy Regulator's recent report shows that 39,626 SA households owed on average $700 for electricity and $265 for gas in the June quarter. Also, SA households pay a higher proportion of income towards energy bills than those in other mainland states, despite being among lowest of energy users.

The cause of the undesirable situation can be laid at the feet of ex-Premier Mike Rann, a Greenpeace member and promoter of windmills and other useless renewable energy projects (remember the now defunct geothermal project up north?). South Australia does NOT need expensive wind or solar energy projects when it has plentiful coal and gas resources, and also the largest uranium mine in the world. Mike Rann was a Green devotee and now we see the result in our power bills. Let's stop all this Green/Labor eco-religious fantasy and instead sensibly develop our coal and gas resources for the benefit of all.