Sunday, December 8, 2013

Australia gets set to repeal Labor's Carbon Tax in the Senate


What a wonderful element is CARBON. How dare the ex-Labor Government tax "carbon", or what they really mean is "emissions of carbon dioxide". This week the Coalition will introduce to the Senate their Carbon Tax Repeal Bill to abolish this stupid legislation and hopefully Australia will return a tad to the way we were before ex-PMs Rudd and Julia came on the scene. We've got rid of them, so now let's get rid of their eco-religious bunkum.

Carbon is the most wonderful element in the Periodic Table. It forms more compounds than ALL the other elements put together, i.e., it makes up the subject of ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, which really makes the world go round. Methane or CH4 is a major fossil fuel in Australia, for domestic use and export. Oil is composed of more complex hydrocarbons which is the source of fuels for our cars, trucks, trains, ships and airplanes. When these fuels are burnt then CO2 and H2O are released to the atmosphere, and these molecules are entirely beneficial to mankind and the biosphere.

Both carbon dioxide and water are essential for plant growth, for crops and forests. It is madness for politicians to restrict "greenhouse gas emissions" to the atmosphere. We DO NOT WANT a low carbon economy, which equates with poverty, like as in past primitive societies. Let's see some sense in the Federal Senate this coming week. Merry Xmas from Allano