Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why renewable energy?

Letter to the Editor #11, "Gladstone Observer" (Gladstone QLD), September 2009
(137 words) by Allan Taylor

The current fetish of renewable energy is like the olden day’s search for perpetual motion or the "philosopher’s stone" which could turn base metals into gold. All are false ways ahead to achieve prosperity, except for those snake oil merchants who promote and manipulate the bandwagon.

Why do we need renewable energy in Australia? Our coal, gas and uranium resources are enormous and sufficient to last out hundreds of years. The technology involved to generate electricity from these sources is soundly established and of minimal cost.

Yet we waste R & D funds, both private and public, on wind farms, solar voltaic projects and geothermal drilling and "clean coal" projects, all of which is bizarre, very costly and unnecessary.

Let us return to the real world of common sense, instead of searching for a Green Utopia that doesn't exist.