Thursday, October 22, 2009

Swap diesel subs for nuclear

Letter to the Editor #17, "The Australian" Fri 23 Oct 2009; (104 words)
by Allan Taylor of Hove, SA

Our Navy’s $6 billion investment in six Collins Class submarines which don’t work is an embarrassment ("Engine problems cripple subs" Australian 21/10/09). It is suggested that the Swedish supplied Hedemora diesel engines may have to be replaced, costing many $100 millions.

One decent sized nuclear powered submarine is worth more than six malfunctioning diesel powered submarines. The activity of one such submarine helped the British win the Falklands War.

India has recently built and launched its first nuclear powered submarine of Russian design, and is building a second. Why don't we do likewise?

Let’s start afresh and scrap, or sell off our Collins Class submarines on eBay.

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