Monday, October 19, 2009

Bizarre ETS is bunkum

Letter to the Editor #16, "Rockhampton Bulletin" , 21 October, '09.
(149 words). by Allan Taylor of Adelaide.

I applaud your publishing Ronald Kitching’s satirical letter "Only Vandals and Dills want an ETS" (15/10/09). He forgot to lampoon the Green Party, aka the Fear Party, which ultimately, together with the Greenpeace Organisation, is responsible for this dangerous promotion of a false eco-religion.

It has long be known that atmospheric CO2 has nothing to do with global warming and its observed rise is beneficial to the biosphere. Higher CO2 levels allow us to improve crop yields and so feed the slowly rising world population, plus more easily help the existing starving millions.

The idea of the need to cut "greenhouse gas" emissions is bunkum. Atmospheric greenhouse gases consist of 95% water vapour (harmless) and the rest mainly CO2 (also harmless and very beneficial to mankind). The politicians (Labor, some Liberals, Greens, but not the Nationals) who promote this bizarre ETS legislation should all be sent to the nearest lunatic asylum.

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