Tuesday, October 6, 2009

No dogs at car boot sale

Letter to Editor #13 "Guardian Messenger" 7 Oct., 2009 (135 words)
by Allan Taylor of Hove (foto: Brighton Jetty)

How dare the Hon. Jane Lomax-Smith, Labor member for the City of Adelaide, interfere with the enjoyment of the Brighton community's fortnightly Sunday car boot sale held at Brighton Secondary School!

We are now directed by her that this popular function is to be a Smoke-free and Dog-free event as from 11th October. I suggest that she keep her Puritanical belief system to herself and not venture into the Brighton region.

Everybody should ignore this ridiculous directive. The dogs enjoy this wonderful community event as much as the buyers. Many stall owners enjoy a quiet smoke in this open air environment. We are a happy community the way things are managed now.

The March state election is soon to come. I suggest all dog lovers and smokers vote out Premier Mike Rann's Labor Government, for this and many other reasons.

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