Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Labor's Renewable Energy Bill

Labor's Renewable Energy Bill will do Australia more harm than good. It is unnecessary legislation typical of Labor Party dreamers e.g., Fuel Watch, Grocery Watch etc.

By far the best renewable energy is hydroelectric power. If we could have another Snowy Mountain type Hydroelectric Scheme in Victoria or elsewhere I would consider it worthwhile.

But no. We are going to push wind and solar energy to produce expensive "Green Power". Already the Government spends (wastes) a billion dollars each year to subsidize these activities.
Now Premier Mike Rann (SA) has approved a 60 turbine wind farm for the Barossa Valley, one of our prime wine producing regions. How embarrassing it will be to take visitors there and see these ugly monstrosities of windmills amongst the vineyards. Watch out Hunter valley!

We don't need to mandate renewable energy. It will come on its own accord without subsidy when it is viable to do so.

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