Monday, August 3, 2009

Is Nuclear Power the Answer to Global Warming?

This is a provocative question of relevance to the Australian scene since we have no nuclear power stations. It is also a "loaded question" in the sense that it assumes that global warming is a problem and that mankind can and should do something about it. The concern may be real or imaginary.

A fear or phobia present in the populace is often used by promoters of products. Auto manufacturers will cater to the fantasies of the global warmers by advertising that their model has lower CO2 emissions than a competitive product. Other buyers couldn't care less, or think that CO2 is good stuff and take no notice.

It is the same with political parties. They too have a product to sell and need votes to stay in power. Now we have two lines of thought: the Party position and what the individual party member thinks of the proposition.

In Australia we have the Greens' position that nuclear power is evil and should never be contemplated for Australia. It is easy and important for them to promote this fear (one of many) so that they can gather votes and retain their few Members of Parliament. The Greens are really a Fear Party.

The Labor Party, our present Government, is also against nuclear power at the Party level, because it knows that by taking this position it is assured of Green preferences in an election.
The individual Labor members may be ambivalent about nuclear power but know that to stay in power they must not upset the Greens, either those within or outside the Labor Party.

The same situation occurs with the Liberal Party, but more particularly with inner city electorates where the Greens have a strong urban vote. The Nationals are lucky that they can usually speak their mind on the matter.

Then we have the individual scientists, like our Ziggy, who helpfully promotes nuclear power for Australia. He seems to use the fear of global warming and closing down of coal-fired power stations to justify the introduction of nuclear power. It is not really necessary to do this; he has a defeatist attitude with regard to the global warmers; maybe he is one?.

How do Americans think on the topic of using nuclear power? What is the view of the "man-in-the-street". How is the average man in the US influenced by the Green Movement?

You can find out by checking with the US Helium writers' website where the topic "Is Nuclear Power the Answer to Global Warming" is presented for debate among members. So far there are 33 articles with 19 articles on the NO side and 14 on the YES side. The voting of individual Helium members is 63% No and 37% Yes. Why not join Helium and give your Australian viewpoint? It's for free. Explore

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