Friday, August 28, 2009

Carbon Capture and Storage is bizarre

Letter #2 to the Editor of "The Australian", Friday 28th August, 2009
(170 words) by Allan Taylor of Hove, SA
The proposed development of the Gorgon Gas Field and processing plant on Barrow Island in Western Australia includes the removal of any CO2 and pumping it to a supposed underground storage region, an activity that may or may not work.

I suggest to you that this is a gross waste of money and is unnecessary. If Chevron has no immediate use for the CO2 extracted, then it should be released into the atmosphere.

The idea of pumping CO2 underground was developed 50 years ago on the depleted oil fields of the US Mid West. The reason was to pressurize the fluids at depth and so boost the supply of residual oil. It had nothing to do with preventing "greenhouse gases" being liberated to the atmosphere.

The Rudd Government operates within the erroneous "global warming belief system" which considers CO2 gas to be an atmospheric pollutant, which it most certainly is not. It is bizarre to try and bury CO2 gas when it is the lifeblood of the biosphere.
Reference: Helium article, "Carbon sequestering: A critical issue to explore in the global warming debate" by Allan Taylor

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