Saturday, August 22, 2009

Gladstone's Aluminium Smelter

Letter #1 to Editor of "Gladstone Observer" newspaper; published Sat 22 August 2009
(151 words)
by Allan Taylor

Gladstonites, do you realize that at your doorstep you have Australia's largest aluminium smelter?

The Rio Tinto smelter employs about 1400 workers and contractors. It produces ca 600,000 tonnes of aluminium each year. It is the life blood of Gladstone. It is a wonderful concern.

Are you going to allow the Rudd Labor Government to jeopardize its existence by introducing an unnecessary ETS or CPRS bill which is destined to curb CO2 emissions? This would have a devastating effect on the economic viability of the smelter?

All this carry on about greenhouse gas emissions is a load of nonsense. If you don't believe me then read Prof. Plimer's recently published book "Heaven and Earth". I assure you that afterwards you will sleep more easily at night. The world is not coming to an end!

Gladstone has a great future if you reject the spin and deception emanating from the Rudd Labor Government.

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