Saturday, June 4, 2016


According to ABC Online News, the renewable energy advocates (unfortunately) still lurk in Port Augusta, SA, by proposing a 1.2 billion dollar solar-thermal power station and other solar plants, thereby buggering up our energy supply problem which is in a great mess already. Why don't these idiots go away?....go back to the USA......we don't want them here in Australia.

Alinta Energy is closing down the two coal-fired power stations at Port Augusta and has already closed the open cut coal mine at Leigh Creek that fed the power stations. The result has been the loss of hundreds of jobs, leaving our SA State power supply in a precarious position. I wonder at the sanity of Labor and Greenie, Premier Mr Weatherill, to allow this to happen. It seems the SA guidance in energy supply matters comes direct from the United Nations which demonizes CARBON.

South Australia is littered with failed Green energy projects costing us a fortune.....yes, Professor Flannery has been here. He promoted and spent millions on deep geothermal drill holes which even a school boy would know was a crazy idea. Hush, hush...don't mention their stock market crash. It's all swept under the carpet.

Our beautiful landscape is covered in useless wind turbines, that ICON of the Green Movement, which rely on having a base load power supply constantly available, for when the wind doesn't blow (now via Interconnector cable from Victoria's coal power plants). We have the most expensive electricity in Australia. Also , don't mention our mothballed billion dollar desalination plant, built with State tax money, when Flannery said we would run out of freshwater, which we didn't.

South Australians are sick of their future being at the mercy of raving lunatics who follow the false eco-religious bunkum of the Greens and the United Nations.......Energy planners, just go away and allow some sane people develop the State's valuable energy resources. Goodbye Labor Premier Weatherill, please do retire, like former Premier and Greeny, Mike Rann,...we don't want you anymore.

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